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    Stephen II (Bosnian: Stjepan II) was the Bosnian Ban from 1314, but in reality from 1322 to 1353 together with his brother, Vladislav Kotromanić in 1326–1353. He was the son of Bosnian Ban Stephen I Kotromanić and Elizabeth, sister of King Stefan Vladislav II.

  2. Stephen I, Ban of Bosnia - Wikipedia,_Ban_of_Bosnia

    Stephen I Kotromanić (Bosnian: Stjepan Kotromanić, Стефан Котроманић) (1242–1314) was a Bosnian Ban from 1287 to 1290 jointly with Ban Prijezda II and 1290–1314 alone as a vassal of the Kingdom of Hungary. He is the eponymous founder of the Bosnian ruling dynasty, the House of Kotromanić.

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    took the title Lord of Bosnia (Bosniae dominus). Ban Mladen II: Šubić: 1312–1322: Paul's eldest son Mladen II Šubić of Bribir. was Lord of Bosnia from 1312–1322. In 1314, Mladen II appoints Stephen II Kotromanić, his former enemy, as vassal in Bosnia.

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    Ban of Bosnia Tvrtko I Seal of King Tvrtko I Ban of Bosnia Reign September 1353 – October 1377 (interrupted by Vuk, 1365–1366) Predecessor Stephen II King of Bosnia Reign October 1377 – 10 March 1391 Coronation (26 October?) 1377 Successor Dabiša Born c. 1338 Died 10 March 1391 (1391-03-10) (aged 52–53) Burial Mile (Visoko) Spouse Dorothea of Bulgaria Issue Tvrtko II of Bosnia House ...

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    Tvrtko II was the son of Tvrtko I, the first King of Bosnia. The identity of his mother, and thus the legitimacy of his birth, is disputed. [1] The uncertainty also stems from the complex religious situation in medieval Bosnia , where it was often hard to discern between legitimate and illegitimate offspring. [2]

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    undefined 1314, Vladislav's mother assumed regency in the name of his older brother, Ban Stephen II. The Rusag met at Mile, where Tvrtko I was crowned in 1377 and eventually buried alongside his uncle, Stjepan II Kotromanić, the Ban of Bosnia who preceded him. By 1314 Stephen had been succeeded by Stephen II, his eldest son by Elizabeth.

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    Definitions of Stephen_I,_Ban_of_Bosnia, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of Stephen_I,_Ban_of_Bosnia, analogical dictionary of Stephen_I,_Ban_of_Bosnia (English)

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    Descent and early years. Born about 1339, Elizabeth was the daughter of Ban Stephen II of Bosnia, the head of the House of Kotromanić. Her mother, Elizabeth of Kuyavia, was a member of the House of Piast and grandniece of King Władysław I of Poland.