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  1. Stephen Tomašević of Bosnia - Wikipediašević_of_Bosnia

    Stephen Tomašević or Stephen II (Bosnian: Stjepan Tomašević; died on 25 May 1463) was the last sovereign from the Bosnian Kotromanić dynasty, reigning as Despot of Serbia briefly in 1459 and as King of Bosnia from 1461 until 1463. Stephen's father, King Thomas, had great ambitions for him.

    • 10 July 1461 – 25 May 1463
    • Thomas
  2. Wikipedia:Peer review/Stephen Tomašević of Bosnia/archive1

    The article says: "Stephen Thomas, raised as a member of the Bosnian Church, converted to Roman Catholicism in c. 1445; Stephen Tomašević later stated that he had been baptized into the Roman Catholic Church as a child, and that he had been taught Latin letters."

  3. Thomas of Bosnia - Wikipedia

    Stephen Thomas (Bosnian: Stjepan Tomaš; c. 1411 – July 1461), a member of the House of Kotromanić, reigned from 1443 until his death as the penultimate King of Bosnia. An illegitimate son of King Ostoja , Thomas succeeded King Tvrtko II , but his accession was not recognized by the leading magnate of the Kingdom of Bosnia , Stjepan Vukčić ...

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    Stephen Tomašević was born into the House of Kotromanić, as one of the two known sons of Stephen Thomas and a commoner named Vojača. The other son died as an adolescent. Stephen Tomašević's father was an adulterine son of King Stephen Ostoja and a younger brother of Radivoj, who contested the rule of their cousin King Stephen Tvrtko II.

    • 25 May 1463 Carevo Polje, Jajce
    • Stephen Thomas
    • yes
    • Roman Catholicism
  5. Stephen Tomašević of Bosnia - Unionpedia, the concept mapšević_of_Bosnia

    Stephen Tomašević or Stephen II (Stjepan/Stefan Tomašević, Стјепан/Стефан Томашевић; died on 25 May 1463) was the last sovereign from the ...

  6. List of rulers of Bosnia - Wikipedia

    This is a list of rulers of Bosnia, containing bans and kings of Medieval Bosnia Early rulers (1082–1136) Picture ... Stephen Tomašević 10 July 1461 – 5 June ...

  7. Stephen Tomašević of Bosnia - tomasevic of bosnia/en-en

    Stephen Tomašević and Maria fled to Bosnia, seeking refuge at the court of his father. [4] King. On 10 July 1461, Stephen Thomas died. Stephen Tomašević succeeded him as King of Bosnia. In 1461, Stephen Tomašević sent to Pope Pius II for help in the face of an impending Ottoman invasion.

  8. Bosniaks - Wikipedia

    The royal city of Bobovac soon fell, leaving Stephen Tomašević to retreat to Jajce and later to Ključ. Mehmed invaded Bosnia and conquered it very quickly, executing the last Bosnian king Stephen Tomašević and his uncle Radivoj. Bosnia officially fell in 1463 and became the westernmost province of the Ottoman Empire.

  9. Kotromanić dynasty - Wikipediać_dynasty

    The last sovereign, Stephen Tomašević, ruled briefly as Despot of Serbia in 1459 and as King of Bosnia between 1461 and 1463, before losing both countries – and his head – to the Ottoman Turks. Kotromanić

  10. Catherine of Bosnia - Wikipedia

    If Catherine hoped that her stepson's marriage to Maria of Serbia and his subsequent accession to the Serbian throne in 1459 would pave way for her own son's accession in Bosnia, the hopes were dashed very quickly: within three months Stephen Tomašević lost the Despotate of Serbia to the Ottomans and returned to the Bosnian royal court with ...