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  1. Tarsus, Mersin - Wikipedia,_Mersin

    Tarsus forms an administrative district in the eastern part of the Mersin Province and lies in the core of Çukurova region. With a history going back over 6,000 years, Tarsus has long been an important stop for traders and a focal point of many civilizations. During the Roman Empire, Tarsus was the capital of the province of Cilicia.

    • Geography

      Located on the mouth of the Berdan River, which empties into...

    • Etymology

      The ancient name is Tarsos, derived from Tarsa, the original...

    • History

      Excavation of the mound of Gözlükule reveals that the...

    • Cuisine

      The local cuisine includes: chargrilled chicken; hummus;...

    • Economy

      As of 1920, Tarsus was producing cotton, and had two cotton...

  2. Tarsus, Mersin - Wikipedia,_Mersin

    Locatit on the mooth o the Tarsus Çay (Cydnus), which empties intae the Mediterranean Sea, Tarsus is a junction point o land an sea routes connectin the Cilicie plain (the day cried Çukurova), central Anatolie an the Mediterranean sea. The climate is typical o the Mediterranean region, simmers are vera hot, winters chilly an damp.

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  5. Tarsus Museum - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Tarsus Museum is an archaeology and ethnography museum in Tarsus, Mersin Province, in southern Turkey. The present location of the museum is in the city's cultural complex known as "75th Anniversary Culture Complex".

    • 1971; 48 years ago
    • Muvaffak Uygur Cad. 75. Yıl Kültür Merkezi, Tarsus, Mersin, Turkey
  6. Tarsus Arena - Wikipedia

    Tarsus Belediyespor women's basketball The Tarsus Arena ( Turkish : Tarsus Spor Salonu ) is a multi-sport indoor arena at Tarsus in Mersin Province , Turkey . Built in 1990, it is owned by the Youth Services and Sports Directoriate of Mersin and has a seating capacity of 1,500. [1]

  7. Mersin Province - Wikipedia

    The Mersin Province (Turkish: Mersin ili) is a province in southern Turkey, on the Mediterranean coast between Antalya and Adana.The provincial capital is the city of Mersin and the other major town is Tarsus, birthplace of St Paul.

  8. Tarsus City Stadium - Wikipedia

    Tarsus City Stadium(Turkish: Tarsus Şehir Stadyumu), is a footballstadium in Tarsusin Mersin Province, Turkey. It is operated by Directorate of Mersin Youth Services and Sports. It was completely renovated including the rebuilding of the covered stands. Tarsus İdman Yurdufootball team play their home matches in the Tarsus City Stadium.

  9. Tarsus American College - Wikipedia

    Tarsus American College or Tarsus American School (official Turkish name: Özel Tarsus Amerikan Lisesi, also known as Tarsus Amerikan Koleji) is a private coeducational high school located in Tarsus, Province of Mersin, Turkey. It is known for the success of its alumni throughout the world.

  10. Mersin - Wikipedia

    The area later became a part of the Roman province of Cilicia, which had its capital at Tarsus, while nearby Mersin was the major port. [ citation needed ] The city, whose name was Latinized to Zephyrium , was renamed as Hadrianopolis in honor of the Roman emperor Hadrian .

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  11. Saint Paul's Church, Tarsus - Wikipedia's_Church,_Tarsus

    Tarsus, in the Cilicia of the antiquity, in what is now southern Turkey, was an important city during both ancient and medieval ages. The tombs of Daniel of the Bible, and the caliph Al-Ma'mun (786–833), are both in Tarsus. Saint Paul was a resident of Tarsus.