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    Utrecht is the centre of a densely populated area, a fact which makes concise definitions of its agglomeration difficult, and somewhat arbitrary. The smaller Utrecht agglomeration of continuously built-up areas counts some 420,000 inhabitants and includes Nieuwegein, IJsselstein and Maarssen.

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  2. Utrecht (province) - Wikipedia

    Utrecht (Dutch pronunciation: ()) is a province of the Netherlands.It is located in the centre of the country, bordering the Eemmeer in the north-east, the province of Gelderland in the east and south-east, the province of South Holland in the west and south-west and the province of North Holland in the north-west and north.

    • 1,560 km² (600 sq mi)
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  3. Utrecht, KwaZulu-Natal - Wikipedia,_KwaZulu-Natal
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    Utrecht is a town in the foothills of the Balele Mountains, in the northwestern corner of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Newcastle, Kwazulu-Natal's third-largest urban centre, is 50 km from Utrecht. Utrecht has a population of approximately 32,000. The town is named after Utrecht, a Dutch city with the same name, as a result from Dutch settlers in the region. Coal mining and cattle ranching are the predominant economic activities in Utrecht.

    In 1843, the British annexed the Klip River Republic. Most of the inhabitants moved to the Free State and Transvaal Province, but three of them – A. T. Spies, J. C. Klopper and C. J. van Rooyen – traded land east of the Buffalo River for 300 cattle in 1852 from Zulu King Mpande. Van Rooyen, who spoke the Zulu language fluently, was a friend of King Mpande and had assisted him a few years earlier. Prior to 1852, Van Rooyen had permission to use this tract of land for grazing. The ...

    Utrecht is the seat of the local eMadlageni municipality and the Amajuba District Municipality. The Amajuba District Municipality is the fifth-most-densely-populated district in KwaZulu-Natal, comprising Dannhauser, Newcastle, and Utrecht. The average population density in Amajuba was 72 people per km2 in 2011. The district was home to 499,839 people that year with 22% residing in Dannhauser, 72% residing in Newcastle and 7% in Utrecht.

  4. Peace of Utrecht - Wikipedia

    The Peace of Utrecht is a series of peace treaties signed by the belligerents in the War of the Spanish Succession, in the Dutch city of Utrecht between April 1713 and February 1715. The war involved three contenders for the vacant throne of Spain, and involved much of Europe for over a decade.

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  6. Utrecht - Wikipedia

    Utrecht (/ ˈ juː t r ɛ k t /; Dutch pronunciation: ()) ceety an municipality is the caipital an maist populous ceety o the Dutch province o Utrecht.It is locatit in the eastren corner o the Randstad conurbation, an is the fowert lairgest ceety o the Netherlands wi a population o 316,448 on 1 Februar 2012.

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  7. Utrecht University - Wikipedia
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    Utrecht University is a public research university in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Established 26 March 1636, it is one of the oldest universities in the Netherlands. In 2018, it had an enrolment of 31,801 students, and employed 7,191 faculty and staff. In 2018, 525 PhD degrees were awarded and 6,948 scientific articles were published. The 2018 budget of the university was €857 million. Utrecht University counts a number of distinguished scholars among its alumni and faculty, including 12...

    Utrecht University was founded on 26 March 1636. It has its roots in the Illustrious School of Utrecht, which founded two years earlier in 1634 before being elevated to the status of university in 1636. The influential professor of theology Gisbertus Voetius delivered the inaugural speech, and Bernardus Schotanus became the university's first rector magnificus. Anna Maria van Schurman, who became the university's first female student, was invited to write a Latin poem for the inauguration. Initi

    The two large faculties of Humanities and Law & Governance are situated in the inner city of Utrecht. The other five faculties and most of the administrative services are located in Utrecht Science Park De Uithof, a campus area on the outskirts of the city. University College Utrecht, along with the Utrecht School of Economics, are situated in the former Kromhout Kazerne, which used to be a Dutch military base. University College Roosevelt is located off-campus in the city of Middelburg in the s

    Utrecht University is a member of the League of European Research Universities, the Utrecht Network, the European University Association, the International Association of Universities and the McDonnell International Scholars Academy.

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    • 31,801
    • May the Sun of Righteousness Enlighten Us
    • Sol Iustitiae Illustra Nos (Latin)
  8. Utrecht Psalter - Wikipedia

    The Utrecht Psalter (Utrecht, Universiteitsbibliotheek, MS Bibl. Rhenotraiectinae I Nr 32.) is a ninth-century illuminated psalter which is a key masterpiece of Carolingian art; it is probably the most valuable manuscript in the Netherlands.

  9. St. Martin's Cathedral, Utrecht - Wikipedia's_Cathedral...

    St. Martin's Cathedral, Utrecht, or Dom Church (Dutch: Domkerk), is a Gothic church dedicated to Saint Martin of Tours, which was the cathedral of the Diocese of Utrecht during the Middle Ages. It is the country's only pre-Reformation cathedral, but has been a Protestant church since 1580.

  10. Utrecht (stad) - Wikipedia

    Utrecht ( uitspraak (info / uitleg); Stad-Utrechts: Utreg of Utereg) is een stad en gemeente in Nederland en de hoofdstad van de provincie Utrecht.Met 357.667 inwoners op 1 augustus 2020 is Utrecht qua inwonertal de vierde gemeente van Nederland.

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