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    Viacom Productions (formerly Viacom Enterprises) was a television production arm of Viacom International. The division was active from 1974 until 2004, when the company was folded into Paramount Network Television 10 years following Viacom's acquisition of Paramount Pictures.

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    Co-production with Sweetum Productions and Viacom Productions: Bob: CBS: Co-production with Steinkellners & Sutton Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Syndication: 1993–1999: Based on the 1966 series and its spin off: The Untouchables: 1993–1994: Based on the 1987 movie and its predecessor TV series co-production with Christopher Crowe Productions ...

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    Viacom was a distributor of CBS television series throughout the 1970s and 1980s, and also distributed syndicated television programs. In 1999, Viacom acquired the then-parent company of CBS, the former Westinghouse Electric Corporation, which had been renamed CBS Corporation in 1997.

    • CBS Television Film Sales (1952–1958), CBS Films (1958–1968), CBS Enterprises Inc. (1968–1970)
    • NYSE: VIA
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  5. Viacom - Wikipedia › wiki › Viacom_Productions

    Viacom (acroniem voor Video & Audio Communications) was een van de grootste mediaconglomeraten ter wereld. Het Amerikaanse concern was gevestigd aan Broadway in New York en had bijkantoren in Hollywood, Glendale, Londen en Washington.

  6. List of assets owned by ViacomCBS - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_assets_owned_by

    Epix – Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer acquired Viacom's stake in the network in 2017 Famous Music – in-house music publishing arm of Paramount Pictures, sold to Sony/ATV Music Publishing in 2007 Famous Players – sold to Cineplex Galaxy in 2005

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    Este artículo incorpora información traducida desde los artículos Viacom (1971-2005) y Viacom de la Wikipedia en inglés, licenciada bajo la Licencia Creative Commons Atribución Compartir-Igual 3.0 y la licencia de documentación libre GNU.

  8. Paramount Television - Wikipedia › wiki › Paramount_Network_Television

    The distribution company, Viacom Enterprises (which syndicated the classic CBS library among other shows), was merged into Paramount Domestic Television while the production company, Viacom Productions (known at the time for its co-productions with Fred Silverman and Dean Hargrove), continued as a PTV division until 2004.

  9. Viacom – Wikipedia › wiki › Viacom

    Im Juni 2005 ließ die Viacom verlauten, sie habe Neopets, eine virtuelle Haustier-Webseite, gekauft. Im Dezember 2005 kündigte Viacom an, Dreamworks zu kaufen. Es scheint so, dass Dreamworks' Film- und Fernsehstudios, jedoch nicht das Dreamworks-Archiv im Besitz von Viacom bleiben werden, obwohl CBS Paramounts eigenes Fernsehstudio gekauft hat.

  10. Ed (TV series) - Wikipedia › wiki › Ed_(TV_series)

    Ed is an American comedy-drama television series that was co-produced by David Letterman's Worldwide Pants Incorporated, NBC Productions and Viacom Productions that aired on NBC from October 8, 2000 to February 6, 2004.

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