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  1. The video game industry encompasses the development, marketing, and monetization of video games. The industry encompasses dozens of job disciplines and thousands of jobs worldwide. The video game industry has grown from niches to mainstream. As of July 2018, video games generated US$134.9 billion annually in global sales.

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    According to the market research firm Newzoo, the global video game industry drew estimated revenues of over $159 billion in 2020. Mobile games accounted for the bulk of this, with a 48% share of the market, followed by console games at 28% and personal computer games at 23%.

  3. The video game industry is the industry that connects with the development, marketing, and monetization of video games. Modern personal computers have many innovations: sound cards, graphics cards, 3D graphic accelerators, faster CPUs, and dedicated co-processors like PhysX are a few of the more notable improvements.

  4. The video games industry experienced its first major growing pains in the early 1980s; the lure of the market brought many companies with little experience to try to capitalize on video games, and contributors towards the industry's crash in 1983, decimating the North American market.

  5. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Video game industry. Articles pertaining to the video game industry. For video game culture, see Category:Video game culture . Subcategories This category has the following 12 subcategories, out of 12 total. C Video game companies ‎ (24 C, 9 P, 1 F) I

  6. The video game industry has been substantially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in various ways, most often due to concerns over travel to and from China or elsewhere, and delays in the manufacturing processes within China. Overview [ edit]

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