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    Walloon Brabant (French: Brabant wallon, Dutch: Waals-Brabant (help · info), Walloon: Roman Payis) is a province of Wallonia and Belgium.It borders on (clockwise from the North) the province of Flemish Brabant (Flemish Region) and the provinces of Liège, Namur and Hainaut ().

    • 1,097 km² (424 sq mi)
    • Belgium
  2. History. Walloon in Walloon Brabant means that it is in the Wallon part of the former province of Brabant of Belgium. Brabant was an old region, the Duchy of Brabant. The word Brabant appears for the first time in the seventh century when the abbey of Nivelles was founded in the pagus Bracbatensis (pagus is a Latin word meaning a very small town, with only few houses).

    • Unnamed point in Trou-du-Bois
    • Belgium
  3. Walloon Brabant - Wikipedia

    Walloon Brabant (French: Brabant wallon, Dutch: Waals-Brabant (help · info), Walloon: Roman Payis) is a province o Belgium, locatit in Wallonie.. References

    • Coat o airms
    • Belgium
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  5. Wallonia - Wikipedia

    Terminology. The term "Wallonia" can mean slightly different things in different contexts. One of the three federal regions of Belgium is still constitutionally defined as the "Walloon Region" as opposed to "Wallonia", but the regional government has renamed itself Wallonia, and it is commonly called Wallonia.

    • 16,901 km² (6,526 sq mi)
    • Namur
    • BE-WAL
    • Belgium
  6. Walloons - Wikipedia

    The Walloon name and language are also extended into the adjacent districts of the neighbouring Provinces. A large part of Brabant, where that Province borders on Haynault and Namur, is named Walloon Brabant. The affinity of language seems also on some occasions to have wrought a nearer relation." The Belgian revolution of 1830

    • 3,240,000
    • 133,066
    • 176,615 (Belgians)
    • Indeterminable, (352,630 Belgians)
  7. Wavre - Wikipedia,_Belgium

    Wavre (French pronunciation: , Dutch: Waver) is a city and municipality in the Belgian province of Walloon Brabant, of which it is the capital. Wavre is in the Dyle valley. Most inhabitants speak French as their mother tongue and are called "Wavriens" and "Wavriennes". The municipality includes the sub-municipalities of Limal and Bierges

  8. Walloon Brabant – Wikipedia tiếng Việt

    Walloon Brabant đã được lập năm 1995 khi tỉnh Brabant được tách thành 3 phần: hai tỉnh mới Walloon Brabant và Flemish Brabant, vùng thủ đô Brussels. Tại thời điểm tháng 1 năm 1999, tỉnh này có dân số 347.423 người, mật độ dân số 318 người / km²

  9. Flemish Brabant - Wikipedia

    Flemish Brabant (Dutch: Vlaams-Brabant [ˌflaːmzˈbraːbɑnt] (), French: Brabant flamand) is a province of Flanders, one of the three regions of Belgium.It borders on (clockwise from the North) the Belgian provinces of Antwerp, Limburg, Liège, Walloon Brabant, Hainaut and East Flanders.

  10. Nivelles - Wikipedia

    Nivelles (French pronunciation: ; Dutch: Nijvel, pronounced ; Walloon: Nivele; West Flemish: Neyvel) is a Walloon city and municipality located in the Belgian province of Walloon Brabant. The Nivelles municipality includes the old communes of Baulers, Bornival, Thines, and Monstreux.

  11. Waterloo, Walloon Brabant – Wikipedia tiếng Việt,_Walloon_Brabant

    Waterloo (phát âm: [watəʀˈloː]) là một đô thị ở tỉnh Walloon Brabant, Bỉ, phía bắc của Braine-l’Alleud. Tại thời điểm ngày 1 tháng 1 năm, 2006, Waterloo có dân số 29.315 người. Tổng diện tích là 21,03 km² với mật độ dân số là 1.394 người trên mỗi km².