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  1. Western Romance languages are one of the two subdivisions of a proposed subdivision of the Romance languages based on the La Spezia–Rimini Line. They include the Gallo-Romance and Iberian Romance branches. Gallo-Italic may also be included.

    • Italo-Western

      Based on the criterion of mutual intelligibility, Dalby...

  2. The Romance languages, also known as the Latin [1] or Neo-Latin [2] languages, are the languages that are directly descended from Vulgar Latin. [3] They are the only extant subgroup of the Italic branch of the Indo-European language family .

  3. Beginning Western Romance languages The Western Romance languages are a branch of Romance languages. The main languages in the branch are Spanish, French, and Portuguese. The branch has two parts, Gallo-Romance and Iberian Romance. [1] References ↑ Alina Maria Ciobanu; Liviu P. Dinu (2014). "On the Romance Languages Mutual Intelligibility" (PDF).

  4. Toggle List of Romance languages subsection 146 languages Davvisámegiella Dolnoserbski Emiliàn e rumagnòl Estremeñu فارسی Furlan Gaeilge Gaelg Gàidhlig 客家語/Hak-kâ-ngî 한국어 Hawaiʻi हिन्दी Hornjoserbsce Bahasa Indonesia Interlingua Interlingue עברית Jawa ქართული Kernowek Kreyòl ayisyen

  5. The West group split into a Gallo-Romance group, which became the Oïl languages (including French), Gallo-Italian, Occitan, Franco-Provençal and Romansh, and an Iberian Romance group which became Spanish and Portuguese. The wave hypothesis

  6. The Germanic languages make up the predominant language family in Western, Northern and Central Europe.

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