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  2. Today the four most widely spoken standardized Western Romance languages are Spanish (c. 410 million native speakers, around 125 million second-language speakers), Portuguese (c. 220 million native, another 45 million or so second-language speakers, mainly in Lusophone Africa), French (c. 80 million native speakers, another 70 million or so second-language speakers, mostly in Francophone Africa), and Catalan (c. 7.2 million native).

    • Italo-Western

      Based on the criterion of mutual intelligibility, Dalby...

  3. Western Romance is split into the Gallo-Iberian languages, in which lenition happens and which include nearly all the Western Romance languages, and the Pyrenean-Mozarabic group, which includes the remaining languages without lenition (and is unlikely to be a valid clade; probably at least two clades, one for Mozarabic and one for Pyrenean).

  4. The Western Romance languages are a branch of Romance languages. The main languages in the branch are Spanish, French, and Portuguese. The branch has two parts, Gallo-Romance and Iberian Romance. [1] References[ change | change source] ↑ Alina Maria Ciobanu; Liviu P. Dinu (2014). "On the Romance Languages Mutual Intelligibility" (PDF).

  5. 2 List of Romance languages Toggle List of Romance languages subsection 2.1 Eastern Romance languages 2.2 Italo-Western Romance 2.2.1 Italo-Dalmatian 2.3 Western Romance languages 2.3.1 Gallo-Iberian languages 2.4 Gallo-Romance languages 2.5 Iberian Romance languages 2.6 Other 3 Family tree of Romance languages 4 Other websites 5 References

  6. Romance fiction, Western fiction. Western Romance literature denotes a genre subset of Romance literature, sometimes referred to as cowboy romance. Works within this category typically adhere to the characteristics of Romance but take place in a western setting, frequently the American frontier. [1] Though often historical, the genre is not restricted to romantic works set in the period of American settlement but extends to contemporary romantic works that centre around cowboys or other ...

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