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  1. What us cities have Native American names? - Answers › Q › What_us_cities_have_Native

    All U.S. states have names from: English Spanish Native American Languages Hawaiian (Hawaii) Inuit (Alaska) What us cities have 8 letter names? · Honolulu, Hawaii

  2. List of place names of Native American origin in the United ... › wiki › List_of_place_names_of

    Many places throughout the United States of America take their names from the languages of the indigenous Native American/American Indian tribes. The following list includes settlements, geographic features, and political subdivisions whose names are derived from these languages.

  3. Landmarks You Never Knew Had Native American Origins › native-american-landmarks
    • Talia Lakritz
    • The name of Gateway Arch National Park in St. Louis, Missouri, was changed to reflect the area's Native American history. Before European explorers arrived in St. Louis in the 1500s, it was a city of 20,000 people called Cahokia.
    • Alcatraz Island in San Francisco, California, was used by Native communities to house those who broke tribal laws. According to the oral history passed down in Native American communities reported by the National Park Service, Alcatraz Island was used as a place to send those who broke tribal law into isolation.
    • Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado is home to the remains of the Ancestral Pueblo culture. Mesa Verde National Park contains remnants of the Ancestral Pueblo culture, also known as Basketmakers, who lived in the area from AD 600 to 1,300.
    • The Grand Canyon Skywalk in Peach Springs, Arizona, was built on sacred Hualapai land. The Grand Canyon Skywalk is located at Grand Canyon West. More than 1 million tourists visit the horseshoe-shaped walkway every year to see the Grand Canyon from 4,000 feet above the ground.
  4. Does your town have a Native American name? | Cyburbia ... › forums › threads

    It seems like places that were first colonized by the French are more likely to have American Indian names. Here in southeastern Wisconsin we have many: Milwaukee, Waukesha, Okauchee, Kenosha, Wauwatosa, Pewaukee, Kinickinnik, Ozaukee, Oconomowoc, Menomonee, Mequon, Muskego, Nagawicka, Tichigan, Waubeka, Kwaskum, Nashotah, Mukwonago, etc.

  5. Only in Louisiana: Native American names of Louisiana's ... › fishing › only-in

    Not only do we have Native American, or Indian names, but also a lot of geological and topographical features, named by our early French, Spanish, German and English settlers.

  6. How many US states have names derived from indigenous ... › How-many-US-states-have-names

    1. Alabama Named after the Alibamu tribe of Indians who were members of the Creek Confederacy. Literally, it means... 2. Alaska From the word “Alakshak’ which means peninsula. 3. Arizona This one’s uncertain but may derive from a word Arizonac meaning “small springs.” from the Pima Tribe,... 4. ...

  7. Why do so many states in the USA have native american names? I asked this on r/askhistorians and got no response, so I thought I’d try here. Given how little respect the US seemed to have for them, it seems odd to turn around and name states in their native languages.

  8. Why are so many states's names based on Native American ... › r › AskAnAmerican

    It starts Spanish (San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco etc.) turns into English names (Redding, Eugene, Portland) then the names start getting more indigenous (Tacoma, Seattle, Vancouver) Continue this thread

  9. Are Native Americans offended by "Indian related" mascot names? › question › index

    Dec 09, 2010 · Are we going to have to change the names of cities with Indian oriented names? What about: Apache Junction Az, Big Foot WI, Narragansett RI, and thousands of other place names that refer to an...

  10. Mount McKinley Is Dead, What U.S. Places Are Next? › mount-mckinley-is-dead

    Apr 14, 2017 · Of America’s five largest cities, four have names that colonists derived from their Native American forebears: New York (Manhattan), Chicago, and Philadelphia all have Native American names; Los...

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