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  1. Feb 25, 2023 · 16. View (and Delete) Your Google Maps History. (Credit: Google/PCMag) Google maintains a very detailed record of your digital activities. If you'd rather it lose your Maps data, you can erase it ...

    • Chandra Steele
    • Senior Features Writer
  2. Apr 23, 2022 · Google Maps has some great features that improve navigation and exploration on the platform. Here, we'll take a look at 12 of these features. 1. Toll Prices. Google Maps has been showing toll-free routes for some time now. However, a newer feature shows you the toll prices you’ll have to pay on different routes.

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    • Choose more eco-friendly driving options. Whether you deeply care about the environment, or just want to make every ounce of gas last as long as possible, Google Maps can help you with more eco-friendly routes.
    • Curbside grocery pickup support. The pandemic means curbside pickup is now more prevalent than ever before, and Google Maps has added features to help you take advantage of that where it's available.
    • Add music to your drive. If you’re using Google Maps while driving, you can sync it with YouTube Music, Spotify and (on iOS) Apple Music, so you can control your tunes from within the Maps app itself.
    • Go incognito. If you need to go off the grid, or at least don't want Google Maps remembering where you've been, make sure to put yourself in Incognito Mode before you set off.
    • Change the time to see the most accurate results. Google Maps can be very helpful for looking up directions ahead of time, but be sure to change the time window to match when you plan to travel.
    • Keep a list of your favorite places. If you often have a hard time keeping track of your go-to spots, Google Maps can help. Just tap the "Saved" tab near the bottom of the screen, choose "Favorites places," and press the "add" button to save your favorite brunch restaurant or neighborhood bar.
    • Or have Google make some suggestions for you. If you're not sure where to go, take a look at the "Explore" section in Google Maps, which is located near the bottom of the screen.
    • Use the "Go" tab to see information about your route in just a tap. The tab makes it easy to see information about your daily drive or train ride to work.
  3. Jun 7, 2022 · Select “My Maps.”. Click the “Create a New Map” button. Enter a name for your map and click “Create.”. 10. Search Options: Search for specific addresses, businesses, or points of interest and view them on a map. There are a few ways to search for a location on Google Maps.

  4. Mar 15, 2023 · Left: Google Maps; Right: Waze (Image credit: Tom's Guide) Customization is a very small part of what both apps can do, but if you want to better express yourself through your navigation app then ...

  5. Jun 29, 2021 · 7. Zoom one-handed. Most of us have been well trained to use the pinching gesture to zoom in on our smartphones. But there’s an easier way to zoom while using Google Maps: Just double tap the ...