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  1. Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany - Wikipedia

    Article 92 establishes that all courts other than the federal courts established under the Basic Law are courts of the Länder. Article 101 bans extraordinary courts, such as the Volksgerichtshof. General provisions for the judiciary and rights of the accused. Article 97 provides for judicial independence.

  2. Germany - Wikipedia

    Germany's supreme court system is specialised: for civil and criminal cases, the highest court of appeal is the inquisitorial Federal Court of Justice, and for other affairs the courts are the Federal Labour Court, the Federal Social Court, the Federal Finance Court and the Federal Administrative Court.

    • What is the geography of Pakistan?

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      Capital: Islamabad. Official name: The Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Official language: Urdu. Largest cities: (1998 census): Karachi (9,269,265); Lahore(5,063,499); Faisalabad (1,977,246); Rawalpindi (1,406,214); Multan (1,182,441);...

    • Who is responsible for the criminal?

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      Neither, the regular local German police. Germany does not have a national police force of any sort. BTW even in the US the CIA has no responsibility for prisoners and cannot arrest anyone. If part of an international incident (the offender...

    • Child Support Enforcement in Germany ?

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      At present, there isn't a federal level agreement for international child support enforcement between the US and Germany. Several states do have agreements with Germany, though. The link below lists each country that individual states have...

  3. Practicing open data: publishing court decisions in Germany ...

    Sep 28, 2015 · Even at the level of federal courts, the publication rate ranges only between 2 per cent (Federal Patent Court) and 44 per cent (Federal Tax Court). While results will have improved since then, Germany is far from publishing all court decisions at all levels.

  4. People's Court (Germany) - Wikipedia's_Court_(Germany)

    The People's Court (German: Volksgerichtshof) was a Sondergericht ("special court") of Nazi Germany, set up outside the operations of the constitutional frame of law.Its headquarters were originally located in the former Prussian House of Lords in Berlin, later moved to the former Königsberg Wilhelmsgymnasium at Bellevuestrasse 15 in Potsdamer Platz (the location now occupied by the Sony ...

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  6. Reichsbürger movement - Wikipediaürgerbewegung

    The self-described Reichsbürger ("Reich citizens") maintain that the Federal Republic of Germany is illegitimate and that the Reich's 1919 Weimar Constitution remains in effect. Most of their arguments are based on a selective reading of a 1973 decision of the Federal Constitutional Court concerning the Basic Treaty between West and East Germany.

  7. Naming Laws in Germany | In Custodia Legis: Law Librarians of ...

    It is therefore up to the discretion of the individual judge and varies in the different regions in Germany. In addition, attitudes towards what names are acceptable are subject to constant change. Many foreign or unique names that used to be unacceptable are now commonplace. Names that the courts have allowed include:

  8. European e-Justice Portal - Legal professions and justice ...

    The work of judges in federal courts (with the exception of the judges of the Federal Constitutional Court) is supervised by the relevant federal ministry. Role and duties. Professional and lay judges (Berufsrichter und Laienrichter) Professional or career judges (Berufsrichter) serve either in national or in regional courts.

  9. OHCHR | Committee against Torture examines the situation in ...

    Preventive detention was different from pre-trial detention, the delegation explained, and said that the legislation had been reformed in line with the recommendations made to Germany by the European Court of Human Rights, the Committee against Torture, and the German Federal Constitutional Court.

  10. Applying for a Patent in Germany

    Aug 22, 2020 · Germany is a thriving European center for innovation where patent activity, high-tech density, and value-added manufacturing are on the rise. If you wish to join the trend and patent your ...

  11. Apr 08, 2020 · Like the United States, Germany's federal government is comprised of three branches: executive, legislative, and judicial. Executive Branch. Germany's federal government is headed by the Federal President (Bundespräsident [male] or Bundespräsidentin [female]), who is elected by the Federal Convention, which consists of members of the Germany's federal and state parliaments.