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  1. To top up energy you'll use a key for an electricity prepayment meter or a card for a gas prepayment meter. Once you’ve topped up, slot your card or key into the prepayment meter. Your meter will show how much money is left and how much energy you’ve used. Your card or key only works with your meter.

  2. Contents - My meter is damaged - My gas prepayment meter has a blank display - My prepayment key isn't working (This information is for prepayment meters only; it's not for pay-as-you-go smart meters.You can also view our handy guide to using your prepayment meter.)

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  4. Summary. An electricity prepayment meter will give you information about: - the credit and debt on your meter. - the regular payments that we take from your meter. - your energy rates and prices. You'll generally get all the information you need from just a dozen of all the available screens (see table below).

  5. If you're on a prepayment instalment plan, remember to top up your meter at least once a week. A prepayment meter can't take your latest instalment from the credit that's already on you meter; you need to top up to 'tell' your meter to take your instalment plan payment.

  6. Jan 03, 2012 · Ok, i am currently on a EDF prepayment meter, and they claim that their emergency credit of £6 will last a few days. Seeing as i have never needed to use this before i took their word for it. Well i had to use it yesterday morning, well so far its lasted a grand total of 26 hours and it has 71p left.

  7. Jan 29, 2010 · EDF should be prepared to change the tariff if you ask them to. I believe they can do this remotely from inside their office. Furthermore, you can check your meter to see if there is a debt on it. The key has to be in the meter for this to be done. The screens are right at the end of the cycle.

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