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    What is the origin of the word serpent?

    Where did the constellation Serpens get its name?

    Where does the word snake come from in English?

  2. What does serpens mean in Latin? - WordHippo › what-is › the-meaning-of

    What does serpens mean in Latin? serpens. English Translation. snake. More meanings for serpens. snake noun. coluber, anguis, draco, vipera, jaculus. serpens constellation noun.

  3. What does the Latin word Serpens mean? - Answers › Q › What_does_the_Latin_word

    Feb 06, 2009 · What does the latin word for altar mean? The Latin word for an altar means - an altar.If you mean to ask for the Latin word meaning "altar" it is ara or altaria.

  4. serpente: …serpentin serpentiforme serpente (Italian) Origin & history From Latin serpēns, serpentem‎, from serpō‎ ("crawl, creep"), from Proto-Indo-European… serpaint: serpaint (Romansch) Alternative forms (Surmiran) serpent Origin & history From Latin serpēns, serpentem. Noun Vallader - snake Synonyms (Rumantsch Grischun, Puter, Vallader)…

  5. What does serpent mean? - definitions › definition › serpent

    The word is derived from Latin serpens, a crawling animal or snake. Snakes have been associated with some of the oldest rituals known to humankind and represent dual expression of good and evil. In some cultures snakes were fertility symbols, for example the Hopi people of North America performed an annual snake dance to celebrate the union of Snake Youth and Snake Girl and to renew fertility of Nature.

  6. What does serpens mean? - definitions › definition › serpens

    Serpens (ProperNoun) A large summer constellation of the northern sky said to resemble a snake. It is the only constellation consisting of two parts (Serpens Caput and Serpens Cauda) separated by the constellation Ophiuchus, representing the snake handler Asclepius. Etymology: From serpens.

  7. Latin (language): What does 'novum domini et serpente' mean ... › Latin-language-What-does-novum

    Et means and, usually linking two equivalent clauses, phrases, and occasionally words. Serpente is ablative singular (meaning that someone is using a snake as a tool to accomplish a goal, or that someone is doing something because of a snake). The new thing of the Lord ... and by a Serpent.

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    A user from Vietnam says the name Serpens means "snake or serpent". Search for more names by meaning.

  9. Vatican is taken from the latin words vatis and can which ... › Q › Vatican_is_taken_from_the

    Jun 02, 2012 · Latin is not spoken in Latin America. Latin is a dead language. That means it is no one's mother tongue or native language. It was once the language of Rome and the Roman Empire.

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