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    What are the distinctives of Reformed theology?

    What do I mean by Reformed?

    What is the Reformed faith?

    What is the Reformed tradition?

  2. What It Means To Be Reformed | Tim Challies

    Jun 21, 2006 · To be Reformed is to adhere to the purist teachings of the Bible – to affirm the doctrine taught by Jesus, Paul and the apostles. Scripture is considered the ultimate authority in matters of life and faith and all Reformed doctrine is founded on the Bible.

  3. What Does It Mean to Be Reformed? | Tabletalk

    The less inclusive definition of the word Reformed focuses on the whole range of doctrine and practice contained in the Three Forms of Unity or the Westminster Standards. Those who use the word in this sense understand the word Reformed to include far more than the doctrines considered under the heading of soteriology. It includes particular doctrines of the church and sacraments as well.

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  4. Reformed | Definition of Reformed at

    adjective. amended by removal of faults, abuses, etc. improved in conduct, morals, etc. (initial capital letter) noting or pertaining to Protestant churches, especially Calvinist as distinguished from Lutheran.

  5. What Does It Mean to Be Reformed? | The Witness

    Nov 26, 2012 · The term “reformed” itself means “to shape again”. So at its simplest, to be Reformed means to be forming the Church into the image Christ teaches in the Bible.

  6. What Does it Mean to be Reformed? - Calvary Church

    Generally speaking, the reformed tradition is marked by a conviction in the authority of the Bible and belief in the unity of the scriptures—Old and New Testament—concerning the story of redemption, belief in the “priesthood of believers” (each believer has access to God without an intermediary), a belief in the sufficiency of Jesus in salvation and deep hope in the sovereignty of God.

  7. What Does it Mean to be Reformed? - Reformation 21

    A listener asks "the famous Carl Trueman" what “to be Reformed” really means, as Aimee and Todd play the mediators. The term “Reformed” is full of meaning, but many times it’s reduced to simply mean holding to the five points of Calvinism or merely ascribing to a predestinarian theology.

  8. What It Means to Be Reformed - The Network

    Sometimes people use the term Reformed or distinctively Reformed as though it’s a theo-logical accent spoken by only a few people, and as though it’s an accent that has little in common with the broader Christian church. Neither of these is true. The Reformed accent is much larger than the CRC and the CRC’s particular history. It

  9. What Does It Mean to Be Reformed? - Ligonier Ministries

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