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  2. What is Italy's nickname and what is the story behind it? - Quora

    The Boot In 1695, the British Thesurus Geographicus referred to Italy as The Boot for (as far as we know) the first time in history. The description went as following: “The Figure or Shape of this Country is very Remarkable, and may be well compar...

  3. What is Italys nickname? - Answers

    Are Italy's summers hot or cold? Italys summers are warm. What is Italys national animal? The Italian Wolf is the national animal of Italy. ... What is Italys nickname? Asked By Wiki User.

  4. Italy's nickname is "Bel Paese" which translates to "beautiful country". Some of the most famous cities in the world are in Italy; including Rome, Venice, Florence, and Tuscany. Ancient Rome, which began as a republic and then entered an imperial period, ruled most of the ancient world for nearly 2,000 years.

  5. Italy Facts For Kids - Amazing Fun Facts About Italy For Kids ...

    Dec 02, 2020 · ♦ Italy’s nickname is “Bel Paese” which means beautiful country. ♦ More than 98% of people in Italy are literate. ♦The main religion in Italy is Christianity ♦ They use Euro’s as currency in Italy.

  6. The 18 Countries With The Most Peculiar Nicknames
    • Bucharest—The Little Paris
    • Florence—The City of Lilies
    • Geneva—The Peace Capital
    • Singapore—The Lion City
    • Cairo—The Mother of The World
    • Milan—The Fashion Capital of The World
    • Buenos Aires—The Paris of South America
    • Prague—The City of A Hundred Spires
    • Barcelona—The City of Gaudi/The City of Counts
    • Dubrovnik—The Pearl of The Adriatic

    Romania’s biggest city is known as either The Little Paris or The Little Paris Of The East. Comparisons between the two started during the late 19th century. Romania had become a unified country and buildings were going up across the city, strongly influenced by the French. Today, French architecture sits alongside the uniform and uninspired block buildings favored by the Communist Party. However, areas like the riverfront have remained unspoiled. Check out some guided day-tours in Bucharest.

    Florence has many nicknames thanks to its rich history. Examples include Birthplace Of The Renaissance and The Jewel Of Tuscany. The influence Florence has had on modern Western lifestyle is immense. It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world, something it’s always taken pride in. Florence is called The City Of Lilies because of its abundance of flowers. These bring another dimension to city life and set Florence apart from other cities.

    Here, you can find the headquarters to many of the world’s biggest international organizations… from the World Trade Organization to the Red Cross. It’s also home to more UN staff than any other place in the world. Switzerland is famous for remaining neutral during conflicts, another reason for it to be known as The Peace Capital. As one of the world’s greenest cities, you can enjoy another type of peace. There’s much less traffic and pollution than in other cities of similar status.

    Despite being known as The Lion City, it’s unlikely that lions have ever lived in Singapore. However, it earned this name when an ancient prince spotted a lion while out hunting for deer. Singapura translates to The Lion City. Singapore is also known as The Garden City, due to plants and trees growing everywhere. Tree-lined streets and lush, tropical plants give the city a vibrant green throughout the year, helped by the abundant rainfall that this part of Thailand receives.

    Cairo is known by locals as Umm al-Dunya, the mother of the world. Heliopolis, as the city was originally named, was home to Ancient Egyptians. The pyramids, the Great Sphinx, and legendary rulers lived here. Cairo spawned many myths and cultural benefits we still hold in high regard today. The pyramids are visible from nearly everywhere in Cairo, a constant reminder of the city’s glorious past. Cairo is a sprawling city, and after a tumultuous few years, it’s much safer. Once again, tourists from across the world are visiting to see where it all began.

    The capital of not just Italian fashion, but world fashion. A cosmopolitan town, Milan is home to Italy’s best art, culture, and restaurants. But it’s the golden rectangle of Milan’s fashion houses that gives the city its name. The four streets of Via Montenapoleone, Via Alessandro Manzoni, Via della Spiga, and Corso Venezia.

    Another city named in honor of Paris, Buenos Aires has plenty in common with the French capital. Argentina is seen as the most European of the South American nations, and nowhere is that more evident than the capital. The people of Buenos Aires identify as being specifically from Buenos Aires more strongly than Argentinean. Like Paris, Buenos Aires is home to a thriving fashion and culture scene. It boasts Parisian-style architecture, as well as cafés, parks, and museums. Much of this is thanks to French and Belgian architects such as Pierre Benoit and Louis Sortais. These urban planners brought French ideas to Buenos Aires and shaped the Argentinean capital forever.

    Prague is home to over 1,000 spires, but the city nickname gives a nice idea of what you can expect. A range of different architectural styles make up the skyline. Most of it is from the medieval period, stunningly well-preserved. Influences from Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture sit alongside modern designs. Traditional marketplaces still operate and the Astronomical Clock attracts a crowd every hour.

    Gaudi is the artist that has most influenced Barcelona. Nearly all the major buildings in the city were designed by this revolutionary artist. One of the easiest city nicknames to figure out. He started his most famous building, the Sagrada Familia, in 1883 and is still under construction. The plan is to have the building finished by 2026 to mark the 100th anniversary of Gaudi’s death.

    There are many beautiful cities along the Adriatic coast, but Dubrovnik, the most touristic in the area, is worthy of its name. It’s been called “Paradise on Earth” by George Bernard Shaw. Shaw fell in love with Dubrovnik during a visit. He was captivated by the beautiful architecture and blue sea. It has an interesting history. During the Middle Ages, it was a city state contemporary to Venice. It’s been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979.

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  7. What was Mussolini's nickname? |

    Benito Mussolini. Benito Mussolini (1883-1945) was the leader of Italy from 1922 until 1945. He was the first fascist leader in Europe, and a model for later leaders such as Hitler and Franco.

  8. Five things you should know about Italy’s Republic Day - The ...

    Jun 02, 2020 · The House of Savoy had ruled since Italy’s Unification in 1861, but its final monarch, Umberto II (or Umberto Nicola Tommaso Giovanni Maria di Savoia, in full), only got to be king for a month, earning him the nickname ‘Re di Maggio’ or ‘the May King’ - slightly unfair since he actually ruled from May 9th to June 12th.

  9. Italy, One, P2, P3 | Italy Chronicles

    Jul 21, 2010 · Italy’s press have wasted no time in labelling the sequel, Propaganda 3. Or P3 for short. P2, for those not familiar with one of the more insidious aspects of Italy’s past, was regarded by some as being a ‘state within a state’, or shadow government.

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