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      • Baroque-style interior design is part of the larger Baroque visual arts movement that spanned architecture, art, furniture design, objects, and more, with interior design, architecture, and art working together to create a cohesive visual statement. Baroque style was an aesthetic exercise and a sensory demonstration of power—such as the highly decorative churches and cathedrals that the Catholic Church in Italy constructed to increase its dominance.
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  2. Oct 31, 2022 · Because Baroque Art was so widespread, first in Europe and later all around the world, it evolved differently in different regions. The style was eventually replaced by Rococo Art, also known as “Late Baroque,” and Neoclassicism, a style that aimed to revive art produced in classical antiquity. Venus and Adonis by Peter Paul Rubens / Wiki Commons

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    Below, we look at only a handful of well-known Baroque artists, including prominent painters, architects and their buildings, as well as sculptors and their sculptures. However, this does not exclude the many other masterpieces created during the Baroque period and what they contributed to this period of art and culture.

    Below are other famous Baroque artistsworth noting, especially artists that came from different European countries other than Italy.

    The Baroque period, which started in Rome, eventually evolved into what was called the Rococo period, which started around 1702 until 1780 in France. The Rococo period was a time during which art portrayed a sense of lightness as opposed to the darker portrayals we see from the Baroque period. What both art movements shared was the dramatic flair i...

    What Is Baroque Art?

    Baroque art started during the late 1500s into the early 1700s. It was an art period during the Counter-Reformation when the Catholic Church was in opposition to the Protestants, who had started the Reformation. As part of the reaction, the Catholic Church wanted art to inspire the masses and leave them in awe of the magnificence and beauty of not only the Church, but the power and majesty of the Biblical and mythological narratives portrayed through paintings, sculpture, and architecture.

    What Characterized the Baroque Period?

    The Baroque period was characterized by using embellished and ornate decorations in paintings, sculpture, and architecture. Baroque artists portrayed a heightened sense of emotion in their paintings – often a scene when the most action would take place. Furthermore, the Baroque period can be known to be theatrical while remaining true to the styles of classicism and naturalism. Many artists used new techniques to emphasize emotion, such as chiaroscuro, which explored light and dark contrasts.

    When Was the Baroque Period?

    The Baroque period started as an art movement after the Renaissance and Mannerism art periods, and was followed by the Rococo art movement. Many artists during the Baroque period turned away from the styles in Mannerism and were influenced by leading artists from the Renaissance period, often using the styles from the High Renaissance to create what was known as Baroque art.

    • Baroque painting. The most prominent Baroque painters originated from the Netherlands, Italy, and Spain. Generally, they were concerned with the human subjects or subjects and depicted similar scenes.
    • Baroque sculpture. Many great Baroque artists were architects as well as sculptors, and common traits can be seen in their oeuvre. A key similarity is the rejection of straight lines, resulting in increasingly pictorial sculptures where movement and expression are emphasized.
    • Baroque architecture. At the start of the 17 century, Italian architects were the dominant talents of Europe. Immense competition for the contracts offered by churches and the Vatican between Gian Luca Bernini, Francesco Borromini, Baldassare Longhena and others drew the rest of Europe’s attention, soon spreading the style across the continent.
    • Baroque furniture. Inspired by the Asian decorative techniques brought back to Europe by Dutch, Portuguese, and English traders and explorers in the early 17 century, the furniture makers of the Low Countries (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) combined these new techniques with those from the Renaissance to satisfy the needs and wishes of their customers.
  3. Jul 19, 2022 · What is a Baroque design? The Baroque is a highly ornate and elaborate style of architecture, art and design that flourished in Europe in the 17th and first half of the 18th century. Originating in Italy, its influence quickly spread across Europe and it became the first visual style to have a significant worldwide impact.

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    Each art movement is shaped by the circumstances of its time. Specific events related to politics, religion, conflict, and innovation may affect the way artists choose to express themselves. Each era has brought something unique to the world of art. Therefore, to fully understand Baroque art, it is best to first learn a bit about its history.

    There are several specific Baroque art characteristics, which make it easy to distinguish between the Late Renaissance as well as the Rococo period. The features utilized most frequently by Baroque-period artists will be discussed in the section below.

    Many famous artists were at their peak during the Baroque period. In this section, three influential Baroque-period artists, as well as their best-known works, will be explored in detail. Each of these artists contributed invaluably to Baroque art and helped shape art history as a whole.

    What Is Baroque Art?

    Baroque art is a style of art that is characterized by its dramatic and emotive nature. Due to the Catholic Revival, which was taking place during that period in history, Baroque art is often based on Christian themes. However, in certain parts of Europe, genre painting and still lifes were more popular. Both made use of rich color schemes and flamboyant compositions.

    When Was the Baroque Period?

    The Baroque period is believed to have started in Italy in the early 1600s. It then spread to the rest of Europe and was at its peak for around 50 years. However, in some countries, it was popular for much longer and carried on into the next century.

    Why Is Baroque Art So Dramatic?

    There are many reasons why Baroque art was so dramatic. Firstly, it evolved from Mannerism, which was very exaggerated and dramatic in its way. Secondly, there was a great deal of religious tension between the Catholic and Protestant churches at the time. This caused the Catholic church to commission artworks that displayed the glory of the Catholic dogma. Finally, popular techniques used during this period, such as chiaroscuro, resulted in dramatic contrasts.

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