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  1. In Tel Aviv, the average temperature ranges from 13 °C (56 °F) in January to about 28 °C (82.5 °F) in July and August. Winter is very mild, but sometimes there can be periods a bit cold and windy. In February 1992, there was a day with a maximum of 7 °C (44.5 °F). In January 2008, the temperature dropped to 0 °C (32 °F).

  2. Israel is hot in the Summer with average temperatures in the center of the country over 30C and closer to 40C in the South and Galilee. Other Factors to Consider Whilst the Autumn and Spring months have the best climate for a vacation to Israel, there are other factors to consider.

  3. Dec 07, 2020 · The average daily temperature in January is 57 F (14 C), while in the summer months of July and August, the average daily temperatures reach 79 F (26 C). From April to June, however, the temperature can increase to 104 F (40 C) due to heat waves blowing in from the Egyptian desert.

    • Spring/Summer Travel in Israel Packing Guide – April to October
    • Winter Travel in Israel Packing Guide – November to April
    • Year-Round in Israel Travel Packing Guide
    • Items to Pack in Carry-On Bag
    • Toiletries/Medications
    • Additional Items
    Light weight and loose fitting clothing
    Short-sleeved and sleeveless shirts
    Comfortable walking shoes, sneakers and sandals
    Winters in Israel are mild compared to North America but can get quite cold
    Pack a shell or rain jacket as well as other layers
    Sweater, fleece jacket, hat and gloves
    Sunglasses and a hat. You’ll find the sunlight is stronger than what you’re accustomed to, even in the winter. A hat is also useful sun protection, year-round
    For women – have an easy, packable skirt, scarf and/or shawl for covering up in Israel’s holy places. Throw it in your bag in the morning and you’re ready for whatever stops you make
    Comfortable walking shoes, sneakers and sandals
    Swimwear is appropriate year-round, whether it’s to splash in the hotel’s indoor pool or hit a beach on a warm, winter day in the southern part of the country

    Unfortunately, luggage occasionally gets lost or misplaced. Pack a carry-on bag including your necessities for a few days. 1. Airline ticket 2. Passport 3. One-day change of clothes 4. A good book 5. Medication 6. Spare contact lenses or glasses 7. Money and important documents 8. Neck pillow, sleeping mask, sleeping pills & earplugs (for sleeping ...

    Aspirin or other nonprescription medications
    Cold remedy or decongestant tablets
    Comb and hairbrush
    Copies of any prescriptions (in case you need them filled)
    Adapter or converter for electrical appliances*
    Camera, film, extra batteries
    Extra pair of eyeglasses (or prescription)
    Handkerchiefs or tissues
  4. Tel Aviv. Eilat. Average High and Low Temperature in Israel. Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 40°F 40°F 50°F 50°F 60°F 60°F 70°F 70°F 80°F 80°F 90°F 90°F 100°F 100°F 66 41 85 53 75 49 63 81 103 69 Now Now Jerusalem Jerusalem Tel Aviv Tel Aviv Eilat Eilat. The daily average high and low air temperature at 2 meters above the ground. High.

  5. The best time of year to visit Jerusalem in Israel Jerusalem features a hot-summer Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers, and mild, wet winters. During the month of April, May and October you are most likely to experience good weather with pleasant average temperatures that fall between 20 degrees Celsius (68°F) and 26 degrees Celsius (79°F).

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