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  1. 'Culture closed while Sagrada Família mass held with 588 ... › covid-19 › item

    Yet, the crux of the controversy has not really been the level of compliance, but the fact that the restrictions have forced all cultural venues to close while allowing places of worship to remain open. "Culture is closed while the Sagrada Família is holding a mass with 588 people," said Albiach.

  2. Aug 13, 2008 · Conservationists say the Sagrada Familia is not the only unfinished Gaudí work at risk. The church of Colònia Güell, in a suburb outside Barcelona, was never finished because money ran out. Between...

    • Graham Keeley
  3. Jun 03, 2015 · Barcelona's Sagrada Família: Gaudí's 'cathedral for the poor' – a history of cities in 50 buildings, day 49 ... and controversy has followed its construction ever since. Some, like Le ...

  4. New Controversy for the Sagrada Familia | Blog of the Courtier › 2010/06/09 › new-controversy

    Jun 09, 2010 · New Controversy for the Sagrada Familia June 9, 2010 September 10, 2012 / William Newton As regular readers of this blog know, I have been following with some concern construction on the high-speed AVE train tunnel close to the foundations of the Expiatory Temple of the Holy Family – more commonly known as the Sagrada Familia – in Barcelona.

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  6. Archbishop of Barcelona "very surprised" by controversy ... › en › Archbishop-Barcelona-Mass-600

    651x366 Open plan of the beatification of Joan Roig Diggle in the Sagrada Familia Basilica on 7 November 2020 / ACN Open plan of the beatification of Joan Roig Diggle in the Sagrada Familia Basilica on 7 November 2020 / ACN The controversy over the celebration of a mass with 600 people attending ...

  7. Gaudi’s Remarkable Sagrada Familia - › gaudis-remarkable-sagrada-familia

    Jun 22, 2020 · ” (Sagrada Familia, 1) This is the precedent, in fact, for the raging controversy presently engaged between a city which intends to run an underground metro route beneath the invaluable structure and a slew of neighbors, architects and historians who fear the impact of such as decision.

  8. La Sagrada Familia: Antoni Gaudi's Tribute to His Faith ... › 1145-barcelonas-la

    With an estimated completion date of 2026 and 130 years into construction, La Sagrada Familia, as it is more commonly known, continues to evoke a unique mix of controversy, curiosity and awe in all who lay eyes upon its lofty spires. No more so than when famed author George Orwell referred to the church as “the ugliest building on earth.”

  9. Why is the Sagrada Família still not finished? › en › life

    Jul 22, 2019 · It already defines the city's skyline, and has been in use as a working church since Pope Benedict XVI consecrated it in 2010, but Barcelona's Sagrada Família is still under construction. Only now, over a century after building work started, is the end in sight for Antoni Gaudí 's masterpiece.

  10. Gaudi masterpiece sparks controversy - › Defense-News › 2005/11/17

    Nov 17, 2005 · The controversy is only the latest roadblock in the tumultuous tale of the church's construction. In 1883, Gaudi took over the Sagrada Familia project after a dispute between the church's original...

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