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    A dictionary entry is a set of information that describes a word or phrase. A typical entry in Macmillan Dictionary consists of: a headword [1], which is shown in either black or red at the top of the entry; information about the word's meaning or meanings, called definition (s) [2]. At the top of the entry you can see the number of definitions [3] listed;

  2. noun,pluralglos·sa·ries. a list of terms in a special subject, field, or area of usage, with accompanying definitions. such a list at the back of a book, explaining or defining difficult or unusual words and expressions used in the text. QUIZ.

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  4. How Dictionaries Work. Dictionaries, in Python, are also known as "mappings", because they "map" or "associate" key objects to value objects: Toggle line numbers. 1 # retrieve the value for a particular key 2 value = d[key] Thus, Python mappings must be able to, given a particular key object, determine which (if any) value object is associated ...

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