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  1. Upgraded radiator cooling fan with SPAL high performance fan ... › threads › upgraded-radiator

    May 22, 2020 · I think but im not sure, SPAL fans CFM is rated not in the air but through radiator, if i remember correctly. No doubt that the same fan diameter (~380 cm) and with 520 watts compare to 300 watts, should make a huge difference at a traffic and parking. These fans will not make any difference whatsoever when cruising, that's for sure.

  2. We Put Be Cool Radiators Through The ... - Home - Street Muscle › tech-stories › fuel

    Apr 15, 2015 · The Be Cool radiator is also a crossflow design, and it is similar in dimension at 29-inches wide and 18.5-inches tall, with a 2-inch core thickness. Pulling the air through the radiator is a pair of 11-inch Spal electric fans rated at 2,720 cfm.

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    Which is better for cooling aluminum or copper radiators?

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  4. SPAL fan wiring...2gnt HELP!! | DSMtuners › threads › spal-fan-wiring-2gnt

    Also if you are having cooling issues, you might want to check the whole system and maybe check your head gasket or your head for warpage. The only thing that would raise your temps that high is a weak link in you Cooling sys. or head problems. Even a stock cooling system will handle a turbo setup so long as your water pump is in good condition.

  5. SPAL fans on my 1964 mustang | Ford Mustang Forum › threads › spal-fans-on-my

    Mar 24, 2008 · Hello. Your original cooling problem was not the result of a poor design by Ford. They sold a whole bunch of these cars when they were new in the Phoenix area that had that mechanical water pump and cooling fan, and the cars did not run hot enough to blow head gaskets.:nogrinner Your money would be spent faaaaar more effectively on flushing out the cooling system.

  6. SPAL fan | › threads › spal-fan

    Sep 16, 2010 · Now, the difference in the two harnesses is night and day. The SPAL system uses much heavier wire all the way around. They also use a fuse vs a circuit breaker. The SPAL techs do not like the circuit breakers on their fans. So, tomorrow sees me re-wiring the fan system and installing the fan again.

  7. Spal Electric Fan Install (long) | BMW M5 Forum and M6 Forums › threads › spal-electric-fan

    I don't think the Spal fan will have any problem keeping up with the stock cooling system, but as usual, time will tell. If it struggles, the secondary fan should kick in, and if need be, I can find a higher cfm fan, Perma-Cool makes a 2900cfm unit that some members have mounted, but I'm guessing it's a lot noisier than what this fan will be.

  8. SPAL Automotive USA 30130012 Spal Fan Shroud Flaps | Summit ... › parts › SPU-IX-30130012

    Spal Fan Shroud Flaps. If you've taken off one or more of the opening flaps on your Spal dual 11 in. fan and they've gained legs and walked away, then you can replace them with Spal fan shroud flaps. These are exact replacements for the originals and will fit right in place.

  9. Ls cooling | Hardline Crawlers › threads › ls-cooling

    Jun 24, 2019 · Spal fans with custom shroud that covers the entire cooling surface and most important, ad an expansion tank. The tank doesn't have to be huge but needs to be the highest point in your water system and the steam vents need to terminate into the tank.

  10. Cooling system details on a supercharged Chrysler 440 engine. With 4 mounting tabs welded to the tanks (by my buddies at Spyder Industries) I turned my attention to sealing the gap between the core itself, which is not flush with the tanks (ie: the tanks are thicker than the core), and the core support.

  11. 550 engine cooling improved! | FerrariChat › forum › threads

    May 26, 2020 · Over the winter I installed a 575 radiator shroud which has better coverage, 2 new fans, p/n SPAL 30102113, and had the water pump rebuilt with OE bearing, seal and impeller. I made a wiring harness to wire the fans directly to the battery using 12 gauge wire, relays mounted under the RH headlight and used the original wiring to signal the new ...

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