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  1. Time continues its stately march, and Corvus, Son of Maou and Tyris is acclaimed as Raven of the North, Saviour of all that lives, and Penultimate Lord of the World. Through the century and more si…


    The goddess appears in the inscriptions with the word re.i.tiia.i and past analysts have interpreted the name of the goddess as "Reitia" However, our study as described in THE VENETIC LANGUAGE: An Ancient Language from a New Perspective: FINAL finds the goddess to be the eternal European mother goddess known as "Rhea" who the Greco-Roman mythology made into one of their Titans and she was the mother of the common Greco-Roman gods.

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    The native language of the Parthian royals was Pahlavi, a North-Western Iranian language related to Kurdish, although in practice they often used Ancient Greek and Middle Persian as lingua francas. 200AD - 600AD - The Parthians disintegrated somewhat as they faced pressure from within and from the expanding Roman Empire.

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    Karl Pauli, a late 19th-century expert on the Venetic language, declared that the language was more closely related to that of the Illyrians than to any other language, even though knowledge of Venetic is limited to personal names, nouns, and verbs used in dedicatory formulae.

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    the people now spoke –evidence shows –the regional language like Latin, Celtic, Slavic, Germanic. A common occurrence in the process of assimilation is that a people intensely preserves their identity even if they now no longer speak the language. (Example, today’s Livonians)

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    Pictish language (3,487 words) no match in snippet view article find links to article Pictish is the extinct language spoken by the Picts, the people of eastern and northern Scotland from the late Iron Age to the Early Middle Ages.

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    Oct 30, 2015 · Hello to all my new friends in the Art and Literature Forum! I am a writer and researcher. Recently I discovered the wonderful, beautiful culture of Classical China. The dynasties which interest me most are Han, Sui and Tang. It is my wish to learn everything I can about the delightful literature...

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    Past thread: Thread where Reitia was revealed to us: Some of what we've learned thus far: >some anon living in Veneto was worshiping a goddess for many years that he thought he had made the name up of up until he finally found out Reitia was a goddess that actually originated in his area among the ancient Venetic peoples and whose worship ...

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    8kun /monster/ - The Last Bastion of Romance - Monster Girls Story Prompts

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    Manga Genre Romance - Any love related story. We will define love as between man and woman in this case. Other than that, it is up to your own imagination of what love is. - Page 19

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