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    • How did the Borgia family contribute to the Renaissance?

      • They were also patrons of the arts who contributed to the development of Renaissance art . The Borgia family stands out in history as being infamously steeped in sin and immorality, yet there is evidence to suggest that this one-dimensional characterization is a result of undeserved contemporary critiques.
  1. House of Borgia. The House of Borgia ( / ˈbɔːr ( d) ʒə / BOR-zhə, BOR-jə, [2] [3] [4] Italian: [ˈbɔrdʒa]; Spanish and Aragonese: Borja [ˈboɾxa]; Valencian: Borja [ˈbɔɾdʒa]) was a Spanish- Aragonese noble family, which rose to prominence during the Italian Renaissance. [5] They were from Aragon, the surname being a toponymic from ...

    • R.N. Borja; took over 2020; direct line extinct
    • 1455
  2. There is ZERO evidence to indicate Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia had an incestuous relationship. This was slander on the part of the many people who didn't like the way Pope Alexander VI was running the Catholic Church. If you read letters between them, they are affectionate, but not to the point of one thinking they were potential lovers.

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  4. As they increased in power, the Borgias had to establish a noble ancestry to match. Everyone knew them as Spanish newcomers in Rome, so they claimed descent from the Spanish Royal House of Aragon. In Pedro de Atarés (c.1083-1151), they found just the right royal ancestor. He never became king, but importantly had noble blood in his veins.

  5. Mar 03, 2022 · During Borgia’s marriage to Antonio in 1492, her father was named Pope Alexander VI and the couple lived for two years. Borgia’s marriage became less desirable four years later; Pope Alexander VI ordered it renounced under false pretenses that the relationship did not occur. Does The Borgia Family Still Exist?

  6. Juan Borgia, duke of Gandia in Spain, was the pope’s favourite son; his louche and luxurious lifestyle was hated, and his corpse was eventually found floating in the Tiber. But he wasn’t commander of the papal armies against Charles VIII of France in 1494, nor was he the murderer of Djem, the hostage Turkish prince.

  7. Jun 13, 2019 · Their pater familias, Spanish-born Rodrigo Borgia, was a long-serving cardinal with a burning ambition to become Pope. On the death of Innocent VIII in 1492, Rodrigo left nothing to chance, sending...