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    Portrait of Pope Julius II, Raphael, 1511 - 1512 (From the collection of Städel Museum) Raphael’s last great work, the Sistine Madonna, was also commissioned by Julius II. This time, however,...

  2. Yes, for Michelangeo's sculpture for the tomb of Pope Julius ... › ShowUserReviews-g187791-d

    Jul 25, 2015 · San Pietro in Vincoli: Yes, for Michelangeo's sculpture for the tomb of Pope Julius II -- the Moses - See 5,458 traveler reviews, 2,811 candid photos, and great deals for Rome, Italy, at Tripadvisor.

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  4. Felice della Rovere - Wikipedia › wiki › Felice_della_Rovere

    Felice della Rovere (c. 1483 – September 27, 1536), also known as Madonna Felice, was the illegitimate daughter of Pope Julius II.One of the most powerful women of the Italian Renaissance, she was born in Rome around 1483 to Lucrezia Normanni and Cardinal Giuliano della Rovere, later Pope Julius II.

    • ca. 1483
    • Unknown first husband, Gian Giordano Orsini
  5. Sistine Chapel Ceiling Story-Theme | › artists › michelangelo

    Although Pope Julius II originally asked Michelangelo to paint only 12 large figures of the Apostles onto the ceiling, the artist had other ideas. He proceeded to convince the pope that a grander scheme would be better and went on to paint over 300 figures onto the ceiling of 'The Sistine Chapel'.

  6. rome – The Portrait of a [sometimes] Lady › category › rome

    Mar 16, 2020 · The Room of the Fire in the Borgo was decorated after Pope Julius II’s death in 1513. The new pontiff, Pope Leo X, took over the commission given to Raphael and made significant changes. One of those changes was to dedicate this room to the pope’s namesakes, Leo III and Leo IV.

  7. Raphael was hired to make the portrait of Pope Julius II, it was an oil painting of the Pope, where the pope was sitting on a chair with th tiara on his head, he was dressed in a white surplice and a purple mantle and appeared to be lost in thoughts, it was commissioned by the Pope in 1511.

  8. The 7 Most Unmissable Treasures of St. Peter’s Basilica ... › en › blog
    • Saint Peter’s Grave. “And I tell you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church”. If you are familiar with the Gospel of Matthew, you’ll probably recognize this famous passage in which Jesus gives his apostle Simon, a humble fisherman from Capernaum, the new name of Peter - which literally means “rock”.
    • Bernini’s Canopy. When entering Saint Peter’s Basilica for the first time, you can’t help but be overwhelmed by the unexpected grandiosity of the building.
    • Michelangelo’s Pietà. Located in the first chapel to the right of the entrance, the Pietà is Michelangelo’s most touching work, representing the Virgin Mary gently holding the body of dead Jesus in her lap with great composure and tenderness.
    • John Paul II’s grave. If you keep walking along the right aisle, a few steps past the Pietà, you will find the Chapel of Saint Sebastian. On most days you will find many people here on their knees, silently praying in front of the altar.
  9. The Medici Family: Ultimate Power and Legacy In The Renaissance › the-medici-family-legacy

    Jul 28, 2020 · In 1508, Pope Julius II, a non-Medici, commissioned Michelangelo to paint the upper walls of the Sistine Chapel. There was a break of 25 years before Michelangelo would touch it again. When Pope Clement VII came into power, he brought Michelangelo back to the altar by asking him to paint The Last Judgment.

  10. Baldassare Castiglione - Wikipedia › wiki › Baldassare_Castiglione

    He and the new Duke, who had been appointed capitano generale (commander-in-chief) of the Papal States, took part in Pope Julius II's expedition against Venice, an episode in the Italian Wars. For this the Duke conferred on Castiglione the title of Count of Novilara, a fortified hill town near Pesaro.

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