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    Tom Hanks as Chuck Noland Helen Hunt as Kelly Frears Lovett Nick Searcy as Stan, Chuck's best friend and co-worker Chris Noth as Jerry Lovett, Kelly's husband Lari White as Bettina Peterson, the woman who sent the unopened FedEx package Vince Martin as Pilot Albert 'Al' Miller, who is buried by ...

  2. When stuck on a small island, Pleakly draws a face on a coconut, calls it "Coco", and talks to it. This spoofs Chuck in "Cast Away" who did the same thing with a volleyball. The Autocrats: Lähtölaskenta (2004) (TV Episode) features character Wilson the Volly Ball.

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  4. Jul 22, 2022 · Nope Movie Cast & Character Guide Daniel Kaluuya as OJ Haywood. Nope 's central character and protagonist, OJ Haywood, is played by Daniel Kaluuya. Most... Keke Palmer as Emerald "Em" Haywood. Keke Palmer plays Nope 's deuteragonist, Emerald. Palmer has been on the silver... Steven Yeun as Ricky ...

  5. Jul 22, 2022 · In addition to all these wonderful stars, the cast of Nope features: Brandon Perea as Angel Torres Michael Wincott as Antlers Hols Wrenn Schmidt as Amber Park Keith David as Otis Haywood Sr. Donna Mills as Bonnie Clayton Barbie Ferreira as Nessie Oz Perkins as Fynn Bachman Eddie Jemison as Buster ...

  6. In CAST AWAY, Chuck Noland ( Tom Hanks ), a precise time-watcher who works for Federal Express, is called to duty on Christmas Eve and promises his girlfriend ( Helen Hunt) that he'll be home for New Year's. But his plane crashes in the Pacific, and everyone else is killed. Chuck washes up on a deserted island.

    • Helen Hunt, Paul Sanchez, Tom Hanks
    • Robert Zemeckis
    • Twentieth Century Fox
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