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  1. The Pilgrimage Church of St John of Nepomuk is the final work of Jan Santini Aichel, a Bohemian architect who combined the Borrominiesque Baroque with references to Gothic elements in both construction and decoration.

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    Apr 23, 2020 · Work on the Pilgrimage Church of Saint John of Nepomuk started in 1719. The architect who was chosen for the design, Jan Santini Aichel, had an excellent reputation for other church projects he had done in the region (including the Cathedral of Our Lady at Sedlec in Kutná Hora) – so he was given a fair amount of independence.

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    (Redirected from Mariánský Týnec) Mariánská Týnice is a former pilgrimage destination in Bohemia, now the Czech Republic, with the Baroque Church of the Annunciation and the Cistercian Provost Office built by Jan Santini Aichel in the 18th century.

    • Týnec
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    The Pilgrimage Church of Saint John of Nepomuk is a unique work of Czech-Italian architect Jan Santini Aichel, who was known for using unlikely combinations of Baroque and Gothic styles. Such a marvel is it that in 1994 it was included on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

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    The Pilgrimage Church of St John of Nepomuk was built between 1719 and 1727, following the canonization of the eponymous saint. It was designed by Jan Santini Aichel and marks the architectural transition between the Gothic and Baroque traditions. Kutná Hora: Historical Town Centre with the Church of St Barbara and the Cathedral of Our Lady at ...

    Year listed
    UNESCO data
    Landscape for Breeding and Training of Ceremonial Carriage Horses at Kladruby nad Labem
    1579; iv, v (cultural)
    1478; ii, iii, iv (cultural)
    1078; ii, iii (cultural)
    1052; ii, iv (cultural)
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    • Historic Centre of Český Krumlov. After Prague, one of the biggest tourist attractions in Czech Republic is the historic town of Český Krumlov. Largely dating from the medieval era, the World Heritage Site of Český Krumlov covers the large 13th century castle along with the old town below.
    • Holašovice Historic Village. The small historic village of Holašovice is located in South Bohemia, not far from Cesky Krumlov. It’s an incredible example of “Folk Baroque architecture”, packed full of farmhouses built in a layout that dates from the Middle Ages.
    • Tugendhat Villa in Brno. Located on a leafy hillside in the northern suburbs of Brno, second-largest city in the Czech Republic, Tugendhat Villa is a gorgeous example of modernist architecture.
    • Kutná Hora: Historical Town Centre. Another of the Czech Republic UNESCO sites that’s very commonly visited is the historic town centre of Kutná Hora. Located in central Bohemia, about 70 kilometres east of Prague, Kutná Hora was an important silver mining town during the Middle Ages.
    • Prague. Czech Republic capital Prague is a city for all seasons. Prague is a magical city that looks spectacular in every season. Admired for the beauty of its well-preserved Old Town, romantic narrow pathways, an amazing variety of architectural styles, affordable prices and delicious cuisine, "The City of the Thousand Spires" can easily cater to the wanderlust needs of every type of traveler.
    • Kutná Hora. At first glance, Kutná Hora seems like a quiet Central Bohemian town like any other. However, it is one of the most visited destinations in the country and a unique highlight of the Czech Republic.
    • Kroměříž. Kroměříž's Flower Garden was established in the late 17th century and is one its main highlights. Admirers of Baroque beauty will be astonished to discover how many amazing attractions of this kind dot the Czech land.
    • Český Krumlov. Český Krumlov's historic center is a designated UNESCO World Heritage site. If you're looking for a fairytale city, Český Krumlov is an ideal choice.
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    Mar 06, 2021 · Czech Republic is not only a land of castles, there are also thousands of beautiful churches and chapels.This post is about the latter because there are more than a few chappels worth seeing on your trip to the Czech Republic.

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    Telč (Czech pronunciation: ; German: Teltsch) is a town in the Jihlava District in the Vysočina Region of the Czech Republic. It has about 5,300 inhabitants. It has about 5,300 inhabitants. The town is well known for its historic centre, which is protected by law as urban monument reservation and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site .

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