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    Jin Guangyao intervenes, explaining that Xue Yang is a young guest disciple of the Lanling Jin Clan with a strange temperament. He asks for mercy for Xue Yang's youth, and Xiao Xingchen agrees that he is indeed young.

  2. Mo Dao Zu Shi - Lanling Jin Clan - Jin Guangyao / Characters ... › MoDaoZuShiLanlingJinClanJinGuangyao

    He swore an oath of brotherhood with Nie Mingjue and Lan Xichen, and is the third and youngest brother. Together, they are called the Venerated Triad. The illegitimate son of the late clan leader Jin Guangshan, Jin Guangyao's meteoric rise to the position of Chief Cultivator was not without its difficulties.

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    A cultivation clan based in Yueyang, most of its members were murdered in their home by Xue Yang, who tested the reconstructed Yin Tiger Tally on them. They were survived by their leader, Chang Ping, and several unnamed members.

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    Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji discuss their suspicions that whomever sent the Demonic Left Arm into Mo Village is a different person than the person who originally buried the legs in Qinghe. In Yueyang, Wei Wuxian persuades Lan Wangji to stop at a tavern to drink and discover what the waiters know. The waiter tells them the story of how most of the Yueyang Chang Clan was massacred over ten years ago, and the survivors, including their leader Chang Ping, was killed by lingshi several years later. During the waiter's explanation, Lan Wangji displays jealousy over the waiter's friendliness with Wei Wuxian, and stands to leave. Before Wei Wuxian follows, he notes that he has kept his wager to remain standing after one bowl of wine. The waiter says he will take his surname as a result, and Wei Wuxian tells him that his surname is "Lan." Outside, Lan Wangji explains that he remembers the events now. It began with the arrival of Xiao Xingchen, a disciple of the same Baoshan Sanren who taught W...

    In order of appearance: 1. Wei Wuxian 2. Lan Wangji 3. Chang Ping(mentioned) 4. Baoshan Sanren(mentioned) 5. Cangse Sanren(mentioned) 6. Chang Ci'an(mentioned) 7. Xiao Xingchen(flashback) 8. Xue Yang(flashback) 9. Jin Guangshan(flashback) 10. Nie Mingjue(flashback) 11. Jin Guangyao(flashback) 12. Song Lan(mentioned) 13. Gravedigger 14. Wen Ning

    Massacre of the Yueyang Chang Clan(mentioned)

    The audio drama does not mention that Xue Yang was executed after Jin Guangyaosucceeded his father Jin Guangshan as leader of the Lanling Jin Clan, as part of an attempt to show that the Lanling Jin Clan would be different from then on.

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    Jin Chan appears to be a bit of a bully, as he leads a group of junior disciples to taunt the person he believed to be Mo Xuanyu. He also seems insecure about his abilities and status, evidenced by his consistent jabs towards Jin Ling: that Jin Ling only beats him in fights by relying on Fairy, and that Jin Ling thinks he can command him because Jin Guangyaois his uncle.

    According to Jin Ling, Jin Chan often brought a group of juniors with him to fight against other disciples. At the Discussion Conference at Koi Tower, Jin Chan leads a group of three or four junior disciples to mock Wei Wuxian, believing him to be the disgraced Mo Xuanyu. When Jin Ling comes to his defense, Wei Wuxian bonds with Jin Ling by teaching him a move to subdue Jin Chan and the other bullies. Jin Chan is later among the junior disciples kidnapped and taken to the Burial Mounds, where he and Jin Ling nearly engage in a fight despite their precarious situation. He is presumably among the juniors who fight bravely during the Second Siege of the Burial Mounds to save their rescuers who have had their cultivation sealed.

    Jin Chan has a history of bullying, according to Jin Ling.The two seem to have a contentious relationship overall.

    Jin Chan looks down on Mo Xuanyu and thinks of him as an "indecent disciple", as he approaches Wei Wuxian (who he thought to be Mo Xuanyu) with the intent to accost him.

    While held captive, Jin Chan declares that Jin Ling should have stabbed Wei Wuxian enough to kill him. Whether he has a change of heart after Wei Wuxian rescues and saves them is unknown.

  7. Nov 09, 2020 · Xue Yang as Monkey, Xiao Xingchen as the monk, A-Qing as Pigsy/Zhu Bajie (because she and Xue Yang fight a lot), and Song Lan as Sha Wujing. Monkey's backstory is my favorite part of Journey to the West (I had a book version of the 1964 animated movie as a kid), so once I had figured out how to fit the two stories together, this was written ...

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  9. Chapter 30 – Morning Dew (Part 3): The Annihilation of the ... › 2021/03/14 › chapter

    Mar 14, 2021 · Xue Yang was very young, but he was extremely intelligent. He was also a heretic with a villainous nature. The Jin Clan of Lanling realised that Xue Yang was able to recreate the second half of the Yinhu Fu using the remaining half.

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    Jin Guangshan wears the peony-embroidered robes of the Lanling Jin Clanwith a vermillion mark on his forehead. He is described having handsome featuresand a square-shaped face. Before his death, although he appears weak and sickly, his age still seems to be about thirty or forty due to his cultivation.

    Jin Guangshan is a womanizer whose many extramarital affairs reach the point of obscenity. He has a low view of women, declaring that art and reading are wasted on women, who should focus on their appearance first and foremost.Nevertheless, he is also frightened of his hot-tempered wife. He is also ambitious, as he positions the Lanling Jin Clan to take over the cultivation world after the fall of the Qishan Wen Clan. To cement his power, he is willing to shelter mass murderers, assassinate fellow clan leaders, annihilate clans,and use his own son's death for political gain. Jin Guangshan seems to have been quite prideful, as he responds to Wei Wuxian's verbal callouts by kicking over a table and storming away during a banquet.

    Marriage and Affairs

    Jin Guangshan married Madam Jin, a woman who frightens him with her strong temperament. He never dares to disobey her to her face, even agreeing to the engagement of their son Jin Zixuan to Jiang Yanliat Madam Jin's insistence. While traveling in Yunmeng, he hears rumors of a famous prostitute who is both literature and excellent in arts. He conceives a child with Meng Shi,but forgets her quickly, as he considers her ability to read dangerous in a woman. He even forces himself upon the wife o...

    During the war, Jin Guangshan leads the Langya front. Although his son Meng Yao arrives with a recommendation letter from his fellow clan leader Nie Mingjue, Jin Guangshan refuses to acknowledge his son's feats or even to see him. When he eventually requests the aid of the Qinghe Nie Clan, Jin Guangshan even pretends not to know Meng Yao's name at all, to Nie Mingjue's irritation. After Meng Yao successfully infiltrates the Qishan Wen Clan to spy on Wen Ruohan, Jin Guangshan finally accepts h...

    Flower Banquet

    Jin Guangshan's ambition to succeed the Qishan Wen Clan for control of the cultivation world emerges not long after the end of the war. He throws a lavish, week-long banquet for all the clans to celebrate the end of the fighting. At this time, he had already begun lusting after Wei Wuxian's most powerful weapon, the Yin Tiger Tally. To this end, he recruits many guest disciples talented in Demonic Cultivation, though only Jin Guangyao's recommendation, Xue Yang, has any success.

    Madam Jin is Jin Guangshan's wife. They have a tumultuous relationship, as he is frightened of her temper,and she, in turn, is disgusted by his sordid behavior. Their relationship only worsens after the death of their son.

    Jin Zixuan is the only legitimate child of Jin Guangshan, and Jin Guangshan seems to value him immensely, as Jin Guangyao later claims that he could never compare to "a single hair on Jin Zixuan's head."Nevertheless, Jin Guangshan is willing to use his son's death to dispose of his political enemies.

    Jin Guangshan seeks out Meng Shi after hearing rumors of her famous skills in prostitution. He leave her a pearl trinket of little actual value, and a son, Meng Yao.Although it would have cost Jin Guangshan little to purchase Meng Shi's freedom, he declines, considering her a troublesome woman due to her ability to read.

    In the Web Series, rather than play a crucial role on one of the many battlefronts, Jin Guangshan allows Jin Zixuan and Jin Zixun to take part in the Sunshot Campaign, but he himself does not lead any battles. He only arrives to slaughter the remaining members of the Qishan Wen Clanand assert his power in the aftermath of victory. Jin Guangshan also pressures Jin Zixuan and Jiang Yanli to marry after the initial cancelation of their engagement,but the arrangement was not his preference in the novel. Rather than propose the position of Chief Cultivator, Jin Guangshan proposes the Lookout Towers in the Web Series,implying that they are another attempt to gain power. In the novel, Jin Guangyao proposes the lookout towers to help people in areas far from cultivation clans, and Jin Guangshan refuses the request.

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