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    Oct 04, 2019 · Queen of Bohemia. On 26 July 1349, Anne was crowned as Queen of the Romans in Aachen, Germany. She was not crowned as Holy Roman Empress, because her husband had not become emperor yet. On 1 November 1349, she was crowned as Queen of Bohemia in St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague. On 17 January 1350, Anna gave birth to a son named Wenceslaus.

  2. ANNE of Bohemia (1366–1394), first queen of Richard II, was the eldest daughter of the Emperor Charles IV by his fourth wife, Elizabeth of Pomerania. She was born at Prague on 11 May 1366. Her father was the son of that blind king, John of Bohemia, who was killed at the battle of Cressy, and was king of Bohemia himself as well as emperor.

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    In 1586-1587, when prince Sigismund of Sweden was elected king of Poland, his maternal aunt queen Anna Jagiellon resummed the old plans of a marriage between Sigismund and Anna. Anna's parents, however, still preferred the match with Henry of Lorraine, especially because of the political instability in Poland, the oposition of chancellor Jan ...

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    The last King of Bohemia to be crowned as such was Emperor Ferdinand I of Austria (Ferdinand V as king of Bohemia) and his wife queen Maria Anna. [5] [6] The Abbess of St. George's Abbey had traditionally the privilege to crown the wife of the King of Bohemia .

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  6. Anna of Constantinople - WikiMili, The Free Encyclopedia

    InfantaMaria Anna of Spain was a Holy Roman Empress and Queen of Hungary and Bohemia by marriage to Ferdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor. She acted as regent on several occasions during the absences of her spouse.


    Mother: Queen Anna Jagiellonian of Bohemia and Hungary. Married in 1548 at Valladolid, Spain Princess MARY of Spain (*1528 Madrid,+1603 Villa Monte, Spain). He was crowned with his consort Mary of Spain in 1562 in the Cathedral of St Vitus in Prague.

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    Queen Anna was described as vivid and cheerful, and managed to ease up some of the stiff atmosphere at the Spanish court. Anna busied herself mostly with needlework. The marriage between Anna and Philip is described as happy. Besides being her father's favorite child, Anna was reportedly also Philip's most beloved wife.

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    Anna Nzinga. One of the great women rulers of Africa, Queen Anna Nzinga (circa 1581-1663) of Angola fought against the slave trade and European influence in the seventeenth century. Known for being an astute diplomat and visionary military leader, she resisted Portuguese invasion and slave raids for 30 years.

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    @krieger @Jan Olbracht Queen Anna of Bohemia Anna’s Folly After the murder of Anne's brother, Wenceslaus, in 1306, Anne's husband was elected King of Bohemia and titular King of Poland. However, all power was soon taken over by Rudolph of Habsburg. Anne and Henry then fled to Carinthia out...

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    Jun 12, 2017 · Once the Templars were forced to abandon Jerusalem, the church was used by Dominicans, who called it the Church of St. Anne. They added a tower, which lasted until 1870, when it was partly torn down. It underwent a renovation in the 17 th century thanks to Queen Anna of Tyrol, the wife of Emperor Matthias, the successor of Rudolf II.