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    • First Holy Roman Empire

      • Notes Some historians refer to the beginning of the Holy Roman Empire as 800, with the crowning of Frankish king Charlemagne considered as the first Holy Roman Emperor. Others refer to the beginning as the coronation of Otto I in 962.,as%20the%20coronation%20of%20Otto%20I%20in%20962.
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  2. Holy Roman Emperor - Wikipedia

    The Holy Roman Emperor, originally and officially the Emperor of the Romans (Latin: Imperator Romanorum) during the middle ages, and also known as the German-Roman Emperor since the early modern period (German: Römisch-deutscher Kaiser, lit. 'Roman-German emperor'), was the supreme head of state and ruler of the Holy Roman Empire.

    • 6 August 1806
    • Charlemagne (AD 800 formation), Otto the Great (AD 962 formation)
    • 25 December 800 /, 2 February 962
    • Francis II
  3. Holy Roman Empire - Wikipedia

    The Holy Roman Empire (Latin: Sacrum Imperium Romanum; German: Heiliges Römisches Reich), later referred to as the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, was a multi-ethnic complex of territories in Western and Central Europe that developed during the Early Middle Ages and continued until its dissolution in 1806 during the Napoleonic Wars.

  4. Holy Roman Empire | Definition, History, Capital ...

    Holy Roman Empire, the varying complex of lands in western and central Europe ruled over first by Frankish and then by German kings for 10 centuries (800–1806). Learn more about the origins, history, and significance of the Holy Roman Empire in this article.

  5. Who was the first holy Roman Emperor, and how did he get his ...

    Nov 13, 2019 · The answer depends somewhat on who you ask. Prior to the past decade or two, the answer would have been Charlemagne; more recently, it would more likely be Otto the Great.

  6. History of the Holy Roman Empire

    The term sacrum (i.e., "holy" in the sense of "consecrated") in connection with the medieval Roman Empire was used from 1157, under Frederick I Barbarossa ("Holy Empire"; the form "Holy Roman Empire" is attested from 1254 onward). The term was added to reflect Frederick's ambition to dominate Italy and the Papacy.

  7. Who was the first emperor of the Holy Roman Empire? - Answers

    The concept of the Holy Roman Empire was first concieved by king Charles of the Franks when he was coronoated Emperor of the West by Pope Leo III on Christmas day AD 800.

  8. Who was the first holy Roman emperor? - Answers

    Otto I the Great, Holy Roman Emperor (lived 912-973, reigned 936-973). The Holy Roman Emperor was ruler of the Holy Roman Empire, a predecessor of numerous countries mainly in central Europe.

  9. Was the Holy Roman Empire in any way holy, Roman and an ...

    Yes it was, though much less so in 1756 (when Voltaire wrote his famous aphorism) than in its earlier days. The Empire in 1600 Holy This term was first applied to the Empire in 1157 by Frederick Barbarossa.

  10. Empires from Babylon to the Beast! - Bible Study

    In 962 A.D. Otto the Great, in Rome, was crowned the first "Holy" Roman Emperor by the Pope. Otto the Great was king of Germany and Duke of Saxony (starting in 936) and king of Italy (starting in 961) before becoming Emperor. He is considered the founder of the Holy Roman Empire.

  11. Charlemagne - Wikipedia

    The form in which this acclamation was offered was Frankish-Christian rather than Roman. This implies both independence from Rome and a Frankish (non-Roman) understanding of empire. Imperial title. Charlemagne used these circumstances to claim that he was the "renewer of the Roman Empire", which had declined under the Byzantines.