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  1. According to Esther 1:11, Queen Vashti was told to appear “wearing her royal crown,” and one rabbinical tradition interprets this as the king’s instruction to wear only her royal crown—in other words, she was told to appear in the nude. According to that tradition, Queen Vashti refused because she did not want to be put on display before a group of salacious, drunken men.

  2. We know that it was not disloyalty to the King that prompted her refusal to appear because Queen Vashti herself made a banquet for the women of Shushan along with that of Ahasuerus for the men (ch. 1:9). This shows a united effort to promote the king’s political cause in Persia which proved her loyalty to the throne.

  3. Additionally, I believe that the Queen was expected to be naked, to showcase her beauty. The Queen refused because she felt this was below her dignity and it was disrespectful of the King to ask. Many times throughout the Bible, God used evil to defeat evil. Vashti had no love for the Jews.

  4. Why did Queen Vashti refuse? She was banished for her refusal to appear at the king’s banquet to show her beauty as the king wished, and Esther was chosen to succeed her as queen. Is Esther an old name?

  5. Why Did Vashti Refuse? Scripture doesn’t record Vashti’s motivation for ignoring the king’s summons, but there are several schools of thought on the matter: A common belief among Bible commentators is that when the king commanded the eunuchs to “bring Queen Vashti before him with her royal crown” (Esther 1:11), he intended that she come wearing only the crown and nothing else.

  6. She thus humiliated not only her husband, but also the sovereign King of the Persian Empire, including all of his royal guests from the 127 provinces of his world ruling empire. Queen Vashti’s refusal to come to the King’s party was a delib. Continue Reading. It was a great official State occasion attended by all the officials and servants of the King, as well as by his nobles and the princes of the provinces and all the powers of Persia and Media………..Yet Queen Vashti refused point ...

  7. Why did Vashti refuse to come? We read that she was hosting her own party for the ladies of the land, an act of being a dutiful consort. But wives were expected to drop less important commitments for more important ones.

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