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      • The Church used Latin for centuries because it was born in the Roman Empire and when that empire fell, it kept it as a way to unify Catholics around the entire world. Even many Church documents are still translated into Latin, and recently the Vatican launched a Latin radio station!
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  2. Sep 18, 2014 · The Roman Canon remained untouched for nearly fourteen hundred years. Father Sullivan: THE official language of our Church is Latin. It is used in her services in the greater part of the world. It is employed in nearly all the business correspondence of the Holy See.

  3. Because when the Roman Catholic church was founded, Latin was the common language of Rome. Remembering that the Church in ROme dates back to the first century and Peter, the first Bishop of Rome. (“Bishop” simply means “overseer”, or a pastor in barge of the pastors in an area.)

  4. (Heb. 11:6) The use of Latin in the liturgy is a most efficacious way of avoiding heresy; translations of the liturgical texts, which are being constantly updated, increase the risk of error in the transmission of divine teaching. That is why the Church has held to Latin for such a long time as a protective rampart for the integrity of her dogmas.

  5. Dec 07, 2015 · The use of Latin in the Mass is a means of maintaining unity in the Catholic Church, for the use of one and the same language in Latin Rite churches all over the world is a connecting link to Rome, as well as between nations separated by their cultures and native tongues. 5. Latin is a safeguard against error because of its immutability.

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