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    It was later explained to him that the building represented a large financial warehouse and symbolized the strength of The Prudential which was the largest life insurance company in the United States. The association between financial institutions and skyscrapers would stick with Morita for a long time.

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    • Top of The Rock – Chicago, Illinois
    • Top of The Six’s – New York, New York
    • Top of The Marine – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    • Top of The Mart – Atlanta, Georgia
    • Top of The Flame – Detroit, Michigan
    • Top of The Rockies – Denver, Colorado
    • Top of The Town – Cleveland, Ohio
    • Top of The Hub – Boston, Massachusetts
    • Top of The Center – Columbus, Ohio
    • Top of The Riverfront – St. Louis, Missouri

    Opened: 1956 Closed: January, 1976 Location: 41st Floor, Prudential Building, 130 E. Randolph St. The Top of the Rock was located at the top of the Prudential Building on Michigan Avenue. Upon its opening in 1956, the restaurant at that top of Chicago’s first skyscraper in 21 years, offered unparalleled views of downtown Chicago and Lake Michigan. On a clear day you could see four states and seemingly all of Chicago. Top of the Rock was THE place to go on a date, get a cocktail and take in a great view. Top of the Rock sat 180 guests in an early-American/Continental decor. That only lasted for about a decade. In 1966, the Prudential Building was no longer the tallest building in Chicago. By the early 1970s the observation deck, that once was host to over 750,000 people a year, was down to fewer than one-third of that total. The restaurants, now struggling to gain visitors seemed dated and The Loop area was no longer a place for tourists. The Loop had turned in to a downtown that was...

    Opened: 1958 Closed: September 1996 Location: Penthouse Floor, 666 Fifth Avenue Top of the Six’s was located on the penthouse floor of 666 Fifth Avenue, between 52nd/53rd Streets. 666 Fifth Avenue, also know as the Tishman Building was built in 1957. It building was known for its aluminium exterior paneling and for the glowing 666 on the side. Also known as the Tishman building, the 41-story building was located near Rockefeller Center. It was a prime location for the wealthy and famous The Top of the Six’s was known for it’s ambiance and for being the place to see and be seen. The drinks were stiff but the food was nothing special. The September 18, 1996 New York Times article No More Tables for Two at the Top of the Sixesby David Stout states: The end came in September 1996. Stouffer’s sold the restaurant to Select Restaurants of Cleveland in 1992 and they ultimately decided to not to renew their lease. Top of the Six’s became another relic of a bygone New York era. To the left an...

    Opened: 1961 Closed: December 28, 2001 (then known as Top of the Plaza) Location:22nd floor of Marine Plaza (later known as Bank One Plaza Building), 111 E. Wisconsin The building, also designed by Harrison and Abramovitz Architects, now known as Chase Tower was originally christened Marine Plaza when it was built for the Marine National Exchange Bank at 111 E. Wisconsin. The building opened in 1961 and I am guessing the restaurant opened at the same time or shortly there after. Located on the 22nd floor, The Top of the Marine was designed with a luxury paddle-wheel theme. The entire decor was based on being on a turn of the 20th century cruise ship traveling over the Great Lakes. The restaurant offered a spectacular view of downtown Milwaukee from what was then the second tallest building in Milwaukee. Over the years the Marine National Exchange Bank went through numerous mergers and name changes. Stouffer’s left around 1983 or 1984 but the restaurant re-named the Top of the Plaza...

    Opened: Late 1961 Closed: ? Location: 22nd Floor,Atlanta Merchandise Mart, 240 Peachtree St., NW The Atlanta Merchandise Mart, the first building constructed in Peachtree Center, was at the time of its construction the largest building in Atlanta. Top of the Mart opened on the 22nd floor of the Merchandise Mart shortly after the opening of the building. Featuring a Mediterranean Garden and a brick-lined courtyard and a small, bubbling fountains, Top of the Mart was Atlanta’s hotspot for people of all races. The restaurant opened as a fully-integrated place in downtown Atlanta during the height of the fight against segregation. Stouffer’s also operated an integrated restaurant and lounge on the Peachtree Street level. Top of the Mart was also a great place to get a drink due to Atlanta was a wet city in dry Georgia. A child, as long as there were accompanied by an adult could drink. Information about the closing of the Top of the Mart has been hard to track down. Let me know if you h...

    Opened: April 4, 1963 Closed: April 30, 1978 Location: 26th Floor, Michigan Consolidated Gas Building, 1 Woodward Ave. The Michigan Consolidated Gas Building with a light on top that resembled a flame, was built in 1962 and was designed for the gas industry. There were gas jets with blue flames around the reflecting pool and the lobby ceiling a blue bulb that resembled a glass flame in the corners. The Top of the Flame opened shortly after the building, on the 26th floor seated 350 in five different dining rooms.The restaurant’s decor was inspired by a showplace home in Bangkok, Thailand and included a Pagoda Bar. Business boomed from the outset. The Top of the Flame was the only restaurant in town that had an accessible view of the Detroit waterfront and river. That lasted for a little more than decade until the Renaissance Plaza Hotel opened in 1976. The Plaza offered a newer environment and a higher, better view of the city. Detroit, 1976, was in turmoil. In August, something of...

    Opened: 1964 Closed: 1993? Location:30th Floor, Security Life Building Step from the glass-encased Sky Lift into a quaint French Alpine village… enjoy a breathtaking view of the magnificent Rockies from any dining and cocktail area… the finest American food as well as French and Swiss specialties. Top of the Rockies was located 30 floors up at 16th & Glenarm in the Security Life Building in downtown Denver. The Security Life Building opened in 1964. It featured a glass-enclosed skylift elevator that offered a view all the way up. Advertising at the time used the phrase “See Denver one story at a time.” The Top of the Rockies was decorated in a French Alpine village motif with flowers and fountains in a brick courtyard. The menu was designed with that motif in mind, specializing in French and Swiss style food. There was a lounge for dancing and the music of FOXFIRE, the house band for several years in the 1970s. I don’t know when the Top of the Rockies closed. I think it might have b...

    Opened: 1964 Closed: January, 1995 Location: 38th Floor, Erieview Plaza, 100 Erie View Tower Developers John Galbreath and Peter Ruffin broke ground on a new skyscraper designed by the architecture firm of Harrison and Abramovitz called Erieview Tower in early 1963. As part of grand urban renewal plan for downtown Cleveland, Erieview Tower in the new Erieview Plaza (designed by I.M. Pei) was meant to be the hub of newly revitalized downtown Cleveland. According to Wikipedia: Top of the Town was known for its fun, festive atmosphere and for their sauerkraut balls which is exactly what you’d think it is: deep-fried sauerkraut in ball-form. In the 1970s, the restaurant was known for its live entertainment by local entertainers such as pianist Tommy Clair, musician Gary Lyman and Jack Reynolds from radio station WHK 1420 who would conduct live broadcasts from the Top of the Town Monday thru Friday from 7 to midnight; and radio station WJW would also broadcast radio shows live from Top o...

    Opened: Spring 1965 Status: STILL OPEN Location:52nd Floor of the Prudential Tower, 800 Boylston Street Construction began on the Prudential Tower in 1960. When it was completed in 1964, it was the tallest building in the world outside of New York. Located on the 52nd floor, The Top of Hub, opened on April 19, 1965 and offered a dazzling view of the entire Boston metropolitan area. On clear days you could see beyond Boston Harbor into the Massachusetts Bay. The Top of the Hub is still open. I am having a very difficult time finding when Stouffer’s stopped running the restaurant. The current websitedoes not mention its past history. I will continue to dig and update this post of I can figure it out. As always, feel free to leave me a message or e-mail me if you have any information or if/when I have any facts wrong about this or any of these places.

    Opened: 1965? Closed: 1997? Location: 31st Floor,City National Building, 100 East Broad St. This entry should come with the disclaimer that this one has been a doozy. If I am wrong please let me know as I would like to know but information is very scarce about this particular location and every bit I do find seems to contradict the other. I think the basis for the confusion is that there were three Stouffer’s location in Columbus including One Nation, which was atop the Nationwide Building at around the same time. The Top of the Center was located on the 31st floor of City National Building (now known as the PNC Bank Building I found an anonymous comment from an old forum about lost Columbus restaurants:

    Opened: April 5, 1969 Closed: January, 2014 Location:30th Floor, Stouffer’s Riverfront Inn, 200 South Fourth St. The barrel-shaped, modern style hotel constructed of concrete and glass was designed in 1964 by New York architect William B. Tabler and completed in 1969. The construction of the 400-room Riverfront Inn coincided with the building of the Gateway Arch, the second Busch Stadium and the CBS as a part of a serious urban renewal plan for St. Louis is the late 1960s. The Top of the Riverfront was the only revolving restaurant in the Stouffer’s family and it operated atop the hotel (known by many names over the years) from its highly celebrated opening to its quiet closing in 2014. It would take the restaurant almost 80 minutes to complete a full 360 degree revolution. According to National Register of Historic Places Registration documents only five other similar structures had been built previously nationwide. The building complex was recently listed on the National Register...

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    At the media session—which was held in downtown Chicago on the 39th floor of the Prudential building—Halas speculated why Piccolo went undrafted, saying: "The pros just didn't ponder on a 195-pound fullback, but Piccolo is a growing boy and may play for us at between 205 and 210 next fall."

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    Meyers Parking System, Inc., a Delaware corporation, was spun off from Prudential Building Maintenance Corp. Leo Fink, who owns 47% of the outstanding stock, had an employment agreement with Prudiential that he would become a consultant for 10 years after his retirement.

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    Jul 14, 2013 · Where I grew up – in Boston Massachusetts – no building was allowed to be taller than the massively elegant “Custom House.” Completed in 1849, it still stands proud at 496 feet. A century later the John Hancock Insurance company erected their first building but they were required to keep it shorter than the Custom House.

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    The second phase was to see the re-building of an additional 15 divisions and 5 cavalry brigades which, before the war, had been stationed in eastern and western Poland. The plan was partly implemented. Beginning in 1943 , Home Army units were grouped into larger units bearing the names and numbers of prewar Polish divisions, brigades and ...

  7. Prudential Building 250 Euston Tower Former M15 building Inland Revenue Inquiry Centre 286 Starbucks* Pret a Manger* 2 Triton Square a new office site Regents Place office block site 350 British Land Company new office block building site 372 McDonalds* 13 Burger King* HSBC* Camden Town Hall Brittania building society Barclays Bank* 25 & 161 ...

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    Over the years, the titles of the commissions changed slightly. New ones were created and some of the old disbanded. In the 1980s, Working Commission 4 was renamed Construction Management while Working Commission 5 became Design Methods and Processes. Working Commission 7 was Building Physics.

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