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    • 1. the state or position of being a king: "upon his succession to the kingship David retained his English estates"
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      • Wiktionary (0.00 / 0 votes) Rate this definition: kingship noun The dignity, rank or office of a king; the state of being a king. kingship noun A monarchy. kingship noun The territory or dominion of a king; a kingdom.
  3. This classification is doubled by introducing a qualitative criterion: goodness—a government being good when it concerns itself with the common good and bad when it aims at private advantages.3 The good government of a single man is called kingship, the bad one tyranny; the good government of the few, aristocracy, the bad, oligarchy; the good government of the many is timocracy or politia,4 the bad, democracy in the special Aristotelian sense.5

  4. Kingship, itself a perpetual office, stands for the corporate unity and perpetuity of the kingdom. Time is therefore intrinsic to the idea of kingship. Time, in turn, has two components: transience and constant renewal.

  5. 1. the dignity or rank or position of a king. © 2021 Good Word Guide, LLC.

  6. Dec 05, 2021 · What is meant by Kingship How did the idea of kingship grow? The term kingship refers to a relatively complex and hierarchical structure of society in which a central figure—a king or, in certain cases, a queen—undertakes a unifying role that acts as a value reference for the various groups that constitute the society.

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