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  1. What is (\d+)/(\d+) in regex? - Stack Overflow › questions › 14017134

    Expanding on minitech's answer: (start a capture group\d a shorthand character class, which matches all numbers; it is the same as [0-9] + one or more of the expression) end a capture group

    Code sample

    >>> foo = re.match('\d+/(\d+)','1234/5678')
    >>> foo.groups()
  2. Difference between "\\d+" and "\\d++" in java regex - Stack ... › questions › 16183467

    \d+ Means: \d means a digit (Character in the range 0-9), and + means 1 or more times. So, \d+ is 1 or more digits. \d++ Means from Quantifiers. This is called the possessive quantifiers and they always eat the entire input string, trying once (and only once) for a match.

  3. oracle - sql - what does '^\d+\D+$' mean in regexp - Stack ... › questions › 40099687

    ^ beginning of string \d single digit + one or more occurrences of preceding \D nondigit character + one or more occurrences $ end of string. So, it means one or more digits followed by one or more nondigits, and that should be the whole string, not a substring.

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  5. javascript - Is there a difference between \d and \d+ ... › questions › 38110419

    I experimented with it a bit, and noticed that its the g right after the expression that searches for every number, not the +. I tried using \d+ without the g after the expression, and it only matched the first number in the string. Basically, whether I use \d or \d+, as long as I have the g after the expression, It will find all of the numbers.

  6. python - What is the difference between \d+ and \d- OR \w+ ... › questions › 20375551

    \d+ means one or more digit [0-9] (depending on LOCALE) \d-means a digit followed by a dash -\w+ means one or more word character [a-zA-Z0-9_] (depending on LOCALE) \w-means a word char followed by a dash -

  7. What does this Regex mean in Java? "(\\d+(\\.\\d+)?)" - Stack ... › questions › 47136430

    The regex is a simplified version to recognize floating-point numbers: At least one digit optionally followed by a dot and at least a digit. It's simplified because it only covers only number without a sign (i.e. only positive numbers, because you can't provide a -minus sign), it allows number presentations that are considered invalid, e.g. 000123.123 and lacks the support of numbers written ...

  8. python - Django - Forms - What does (?P<pk>\d+)/$ signify ... › questions › 47246068

    <pk>\d+ \d matches [0-9] and other digit characters. '+' signifies that there must be at least 1 or more digits in the number. So,.../posts/1 is valid.../posts/1234 is valid.../posts/ is not valid since there must be at least 1 digit in the number

  9. RegEx for Prices? - Stack Overflow › questions › 1547574

    X number in front is: ^\d+ where ^ means the start of the string, \d means a digit and + means one or more We use group () with a question mark, a ? means: match what is inside the group one or no times.