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    The Czech Republic lies mostly between latitudes 48° and 51° N and longitudes 12° and 19° E.. Bohemia, to the west, consists of a basin drained by the Elbe (Czech: Labe) and the Vltava rivers, surrounded by mostly low mountains, such as the Krkonoše range of the Sudetes.

  2. The Czech Republic (Czech: Česká republika, pronounced [ˈtʃɛskaː ˈrɛpuˌblɪka] ) is a country in Central Europe. As of 2 May 2016 the official short name of the country is Czechia (Czech: Česko). The capital and the biggest city is Prague. The currency is the Czech Crown (koruna česká - CZK). €1 is about 25

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article is about current administrative division of the Czech Republic. For the traditional historical division of the country, see Czech lands.

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    The Czech Republic's official formal and short names at the United Nations are Česká republika and Česko in Czech, and the Czech Republic and Czechia in English. All these names derive from the name of the Czechs, the West Slavic ethnic group native to the Czech lands. Czechia, the official English short name specified by the Czech government, is used by many international organisations and attested as early as 1841. However, most English speakers use Czech Republic in all contexts...

    The country is named after the Czechs, a Slavic tribe residing in central Bohemia that subdued the surrounding tribes in the late 9th century and created the Czech/Bohemian state. The origin of the name of the tribe itself is unknown. According to legend, it comes from their leader Čech, who brought them to Bohemia. Research regards Čech as a derivative of the root čel-. Several variants of the name have been used over the centuries, due to the evolution of the Czech language. The ...

    The historical English name of the country is Bohemia. This name derives from the Celtic tribe of Boii, who inhabited the area from the 4th century BC. Boiohaemum, as it was originally known in Latin, comes from the Germanic "Boi-haima", meaning "home of the Boii". The name survived all the later migrations affecting the area, including the arrival of the Slavs and the creation of the Czech state. In the 9th century, the country became officially known as the Duchy of Bohemia, changing to the Ki

    The equivalent of the Czech short form Česko is in routine use by most other languages. In a few cases this form had historically been used for Bohemia. Other languages adopted new short forms such as تشيكيا Tshīkyā in Arabic. In most cases, the new form has more or less completely replaced the formal name for most usages. In Dutch the term Tsjechië has been used following the dissolution of the former Czechoslovakia, and is essentially the same as Czechia but adapted to match ...

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    The Czech Republic (Czech: Česká republika), Czechie (Czech: Česko, o Czechland) is a laundlockit kintra in Central Europe an is a member o the European Union.It haes a laund mairch wi Poland in the Nor-East, Germany in the Nor-Wast, Austrick in the sooth an Slovakie in the east.

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    The national flag of the Czech Republic (Czech: státní vlajka České republiky) or flag of Czechia (vlajka Česka), or Czech Flag (česká vlajka) is the same as the flag of the former Czechoslovakia. Upon the dissolution of Czechoslovakia in 1993, the Czech Republic kept the Czechoslovak flag while Slovakia adopted its own flag.

    • 1 January 1993, (Czech Republic), 30 March 1920, (Czechoslovakia)
    • 2:3
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    Prague also hosts the Czech Beer Festival (Český pivní festival), which is the largest beer festival in the Czech Republic held for 17 days every year in May. At the festival, more than 70 brands of Czech beer can be tasted.

    • 7th century
    • 100 00 – 199 00
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    The president does not have nearly as much power as counterparts in the United States and president of France, as the Czech Republic is a parliamentary republic.However, unlike counterparts in other Central European countries such as Austria and Hungary, who are generally considered figureheads, the Czech president has a considerable role in political affairs.

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    The Judiciary of the Czech Republic is set out in the Constitution, which defines courts as independent institutions within the constitutional framework of checks and balances. [1] The whole of chapter four of the Constitution of the Czech Republic is dedicated to defining the role of judicial power in the Czech Republic.

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