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    Fausta - Wikipedia Fausta Flavia Maxima Fausta (289–326 AD) was a Roman empress. She was the daughter of Maximian and second wife of Constantine the Great, who had her executed and excluded from all official accounts for unknown reasons. Historians Zosimus and Zonaras reported that she was executed for adultery with her stepson, Crispus . Contents

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    Flavia Maxima Fausta (* zwischen 289 und 298 in Rom; † 326 ebenda) war eine römische Kaiserin. Die Tochter des Kaisers Maximian heiratete 307 Konstantin I., dem sie mehrere Kinder gebar, womit sie für den Fortbestand der konstantinischen Dynastie sorgte. Das Geburtsjahr der Fausta ist umstritten, die Meinungen reichen vom Jahr 289 bis 298. [1]

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  4. Fausta. Para la hija del dictador Sila, véase Fausta Cornelia. Flavia Máxima Fausta ( Roma, 293 - Roma, 326) fue una princesa romana, hija del emperador Maximiano y de la siria Eutropia. En 307 se casó con Constantino I el Grande, pues su padre quería controlar así la tetrarquía.

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    Fausta is a melodramma, or opera seria, in two acts by Gaetano Donizetti. The Italian libretto was partly written by Domenico Gilardoni, who died while doing so: the remainder was written by Donizetti. The literary source of the opera's libretto is Crispo, a tragedy improvised by Tommaso Sgricci on 3 November 1827. The opera successfully debuted on...

    When the opera was performed at the Teatro del Fondo on 30 August and 2 September 1832, Donizetti added a duet for Luigi Lablache who had replaced Tamburini in the role of Costantino. Donizetti was not pleased with his interpretation; however, this was one of the very rare instances in which the composer made a negative remark about the famous bass...

    Scene 1: The Capitol Square, with the Temple of Jupiter in the background The populace welcomes the return of victorious Crispo, son of Emperor Constantine and his first wife Minervina. A high priest by the altar is waiting to crown Crispo who has been successful in his campaign

    Scenes 1, 2, 3 and 4: A grove close to the imperial palace It is night. Maximinian, who dreams to become Emperor before sunrise, has summoned his followers to murder both Crispo and Constantine. While Maximinian and his men prepare to leave, Crispo and Beroe arrive. The former ca

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    Fausta was the Byzantine empress as the wife of Constans II.

    Fausta was a daughter of Valentinus, a general of Armenian origins, reputedly a descendant of the Arsacids. Valentinus enters historical record as an adjutant of Philagrius, the sakellarios of Heraclius. Heraclius died on 11 February 641. His will left the throne to two of his sons, as co-rulers to each other. The first son was Constantine III, his...

    Constantine III died between April and May 641, after a reign of three to four months. Heraklonas was left the senior emperor by default and was placed under the regency of Martina. However partisans of Constantine in the army spread the rumor that their emperor had been poisoned. Valentinus took control of the troops in Anatolia and before long st...

    The first known son of Fausta and Constans was Constantine IV. He was born c. 652, ten years following the marriage of his parents. He was proclaimed co-emperor in 654. Two younger sons are known, Heraclius and Tiberius, because of being proclaimed co-emperors in 659. In 661, Constans II left Constantinople for Syracuse where he set his residence f...

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    Fausta, koja je od ranije nosila počasni naziv najplemenitije žene ( nobilissima femina ), sada je nagrađena titulo avguste, baš kao i njena svekrva Jelena. Konstantin je 326. godine pripremao proslavu dvadeset godina vladavine u Rimu.

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