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  1. Oct 19, 2010 · See Answer. Nighttime is a compound word.Type your answer here...

  2. “Nighttime” is a compound word made of two nouns. Throughout English language development, certain phrases began as two words and then often morphed into hyphenated forms. Eventually, the hyphen would disappear as well, and you are then left with a more straightforward one-word form ( source ).

  3. I don't see this as a matter of "proper" usage anyway, but no-one (apart from me in my own answer) seems interested in the fact that nighttime (however you write it) has two very different usages. Thus at nighttime is a "noun" usage on a par with at dawn, at daybreak, at sunset. Whereas a night-time visit, for example, is an adjectival usage. And there's a tendency (not a "rule") to use hyphens more often in compound adjectives, as is clearly reflected by the usage charts.

  4. Oct 07, 2010 · fortnightgoodnightmidnightnightcapnightclothesnightclubnightgownnighthawknightfallnightlifenightlightnightmarenightshadenightshirtnightsticknighttimeovernightweeknight

  5. Which word is not a 'compound word'? A. night-time B. submarine C. spaceship D. daylight - Grammar Quiz

  6. Nov 21, 2019 · Nightime should be considered a spelling error, but it is used for Codral Nightime Cold and Flu tablets, where misspelling a word is common in branding and marketing situations. The compound word nighttime is a US spelling. In Australia the spelling is not listed in either the Macquarie dictionary or the Australian Oxford dictionary, so nighttime should be considered a spelling error in Australia.

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