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    How many cities in Finland have a Finnish name?

    What were the former municipalities of Finland?

    What is the majority language in all of Finland's municipalities?

    How many municipalities in Finland are Swedish-speaking?

  2. t. e. This is a listing in alphabetical order of the 309 municipalities in Finland as of 2021. [1] ...

  3. Four municipalities in northern Lapland (Utsjoki, Inari, Sodankylä and Enontekiö) have one or all of the three Sami languages spoken in Finland as an official language. Finnish municipalities can choose to be called either kaupunki (city or town) or kunta (small town or rural municipality).

  4. Anjala – the municipalities of Anjala and Sippola were consolidated in 1975 to form the Anjalankoski market town; Antrea (S:t Andree) – was lost to the USSR in 1944; Anttola – became part of Mikkeli in 2001; Artjärvi (Artsjö) – consolidated with Orimattila in 2011; Askainen (Villnäs) – consolidated with Masku in 2009; B

  5. Finnish majority, Sami minority: 6.4: Lapland: Ingå: Inkoo: Swedish majority, Finnish minority: ...

    Name In Majority Language
    Name In Minority Language (s)
    Language (s)
    Percentage Of Population Speaking ...
    Monolingually Swedish
    Monolingually Swedish
    Northern Sami: Eanodat Swedish: ...
    Finnish majority, Sami minority
    Finnish majority, Swedish minority
  6. This is a listing in alphabetical order of the 309 municipalities in Finland as of 2021.[1] Note that there are 114 municipalities that have both a Finnish and a Swedish name. Those municipalities are listed by the name in the local majority language, with the name in the other national language provided in parenthesis.

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