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    Maltese (Maltese: Malti) is a Semitic language spoken by the Maltese people. It is the national language of Malta and the only Semitic official language of the European Union.

    • History

      The origins of the Maltese language are attributed to the...

    • Demographics

      SIL Ethnologue reports a total of 522,000 Maltese speakers,...

    • Classification

      Maltese is descended from Siculo-Arabic, a Semitic language...

    • Dialects

      SIL reports six varieties, besides Standard Maltese: Gozo,...

    • Phonology

      Maltese has five short vowels, /ɐ ɛ ɪ ɔ ʊ/, written a e i o...

    • Maltese People

      The Maltese (Maltese: Maltin, Italian: Maltesi) are a nation...

    • Maltese Alphabet

      The Maltese alphabet is based on the Latin alphabet with the...

  2. Languages of Malta - Wikipedia › wiki › Maltese_languages

    Malta has two official languages: Maltese and English. Maltese is the national language. Until 1934, Italian was also an official language in Malta, and in the 19th and 20th centuries there was a linguistic and political debate known as the Language Question about the roles of these three languages.

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    Maltese is the language of Malta, and a language of the European Union. Maltese sounds similar to the Phoenician language that was spoken in areas around the ancient Mediterranean. It is written in the Latin alphabet like English. The language has borrowed many words from Sicilian, Italian, and English.

    • (400,000 cited 1975)
    • Malta
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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The main article for this category is Maltese language. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Maltese language.

  5. Malta - Wikipedia › wiki › Malta

    The Maltese language (Maltese: Malti) is one of the two constitutional languages of Malta, having become official, however, only in 1934, and being considered as the national language. Previously, Sicilian was the official and cultural language of Malta from the 12th century, and the Tuscan dialect of Italian from the 16th century.

  6. Maltenglish - Wikipedia › wiki › Maltenglish

    Both Maltese and English are official languages in Malta, and about 88% of the Maltese people can speak English as a second language. Various Maltese social groups switch back and forth between the two languages, or macaronically mix lexical aspects of Maltese and English while engaging in informal conversation or writing.

  7. Maltese Sign Language - Wikipedia › wiki › Maltese_Sign_Language

    A Maltese Sign Language user, recorded in Malta. Maltese Sign Language (Maltese: Lingwa tas-Sinjali Maltija, LSM) is a young sign language of Malta. It developed into its modern form c. 1980 with the establishment of the first deaf club in Malta and subsequently with its use in education for the deaf.

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The National Council for the Maltese Language (Maltese: Il-Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-Ilsien Malti) was founded in April 2005 with the enactment of the Maltese Language Act (Att dwar l-Ilsien Malti) (Chap. 470) in the Maltese Parliament.

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