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    • What are some girl names that mean darkness?

      • Abiba – First child born after the death of a grandmother
      • Achlys – Darkness
      • Adaliah – Poverty and cloud of demise
      • Adrienne – The dark one
      • Angerona – Roman goddess of fear,extinction,and silence
      • Bashemath – Confusion of death
      • Chiwa – Eternal rest,demise
      • Clotho – Spinner of the thread of life
      • Dabria – Angel of demise and sorrow
  1. Apr 03, 2009 · What names mean chaos death or darkness? Well Necro, Necros, Shadow, Abyssion, Abyss, and Umi all mean some form of darkness. Why was the ocean of darkness names the ocean of darkness? bec. it is...

  2. Mar 30, 2021 · Nephthys - An Egyptian goddess associated with death and mourning. Omisha - Hindi for the “goddess of birth and death.”. Persephone - The name of the Queen of the underworld and the goddess of death in Greek mythology. Shivani - Hindi for "life and death." Tanda - Native American for “the seer of life and death.”.

  3. dark, blackness, gloom, murk, shade, dusk, dimness, murkiness, night, shadiness, shadows, twilight, gloaming, shadow, black, dullness, gloominess, obscurity, pall, shadowiness, tenebrosity, caliginosity, duskiness, lightlessness, blackout, cloud, cloudiness, crepuscule, eclipse, umbra, brownout, cimmerian shade, pitch darkness, absence of light, …

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    What are some girl names that mean darkness?

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  5. When the summer sun of the river deltas walked its fingers through her fur, whispering to her of the rains that drummed on the red tile roofs of Goa, the plump crabs and frogs that swelled the paddy fields with their croaking, the cat listened to the sun’s whispers.

  6. Names that "feel" dark: Azazel Azreal Lillith Lucien Morgana Salem Mortimer Edgar Poe 3 Share ReportSave level 2 Op· 11m Wow, this is some good $h#%, thanks. 1 Share ReportSave level 1 · 11m Melanie means dark or dark haired 2 Share ReportSave level 1 · 11m Mallory means bad luck, misfortune, someone who is unhappy all the time 1 Share ReportSave

  7. Imoo – African origin and means ‘darkness, dusk’. Nishant – This is a name of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘end of night’. Orpheus – Means ‘the darkness of night’ and is of Ancient Greek origin. Otieno – Of Luo origin and means ‘born at night’. Ponui – A name of Tahitian origin that means ‘the great night’.

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