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    What are the 9 easiest college classes for success?

    What are the easiest courses in college?

    How to pick the best classes in college?

    What classes should everyone take in college?

    • Accounting/Personal Finance. If you plan to make money, you'll be expected to pay taxes. Having the skills to manage your finances, know how to tackle debts, and even file your own taxes will make adulting a lot easier for you.
    • Art/Design. Perhaps you’re not the world’s most outwardly creative individual. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you cannot appreciate and cultivate an understanding for the arts.
    • Business/Business Management. Whether you plan on starting your own business, working for a large company or a small office – business is everywhere when it comes to the work environment.
    • Communication/Speech. Whether speaking to one or one hundred people, it’s important to learn how to articulate your message clearly. In these public speaking courses, you’ll learn to get your point across through understanding your audience and conveying your message with confidence.
  2. What are some classes that most colleges require you to take? At MIT, that would be: Physics Calculus Chemistry Biology Humanities and Social Sciences (at least 8 courses) Physical Education (at least four equivalent courses) Richard Breed

  3. Humanities Classes Humanities classes consist of studying philosophy, religion, the arts and literature. They are good classes to take during freshman year due to their challenging content....

  4. The study of mathematics for four years The study of science for four years: physics, chemistry, and biology, and preferably one of these at an advanced level Frequent practice in the writing of expository prose Various important secondary school subjects, such as art and music, are not specifically mentioned in our recommendations.

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