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  1. Generally though, here are some of the main differences: - Larger group sizes. In large universities, some undergrad classes may have several hundred students. Even smaller groups are almost always larger than high school classes. - Pace. College classes are usually more fast-paced than high school classes, covering more material in less time.

  2. Math is math and foreign language is foreign language. You never think about your math class while you're learning a foreign language. More From Seventeen But in college, these classes are meant to...

  3. College classes can be very overwhelming but it's important ... If you're about to head off to college for the first time it can be very scary. We want to help!

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  4. My college series is officially starting and I want you to comment down below on college videos you wanna see! Today I am being real with you guys about what...

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    • Accounting/Personal Finance. If you plan to make money, you'll be expected to pay taxes. Having the skills to manage your finances, know how to tackle debts, and even file your own taxes will make adulting a lot easier for you.
    • Art/Design. Perhaps you’re not the world’s most outwardly creative individual. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you cannot appreciate and cultivate an understanding for the arts.
    • Business/Business Management. Whether you plan on starting your own business, working for a large company or a small office – business is everywhere when it comes to the work environment.
    • Communication/Speech. Whether speaking to one or one hundred people, it’s important to learn how to articulate your message clearly. In these public speaking courses, you’ll learn to get your point across through understanding your audience and conveying your message with confidence.
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