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    Belweder (Polish pronunciation: [bɛlˈvɛdɛr]; in full, Pałac Belwederski, from the Italian belvedere, "beautiful view") is a palace in Warsaw, near Łazienki Park.It is one of the official residences used by Polish presidents, and a state guest house for visiting heads of state.

  2. When the Warsaw Pact was founded in 1955 as a counterpart of NATO, Western officials disparaged it as a “cardboard castle.”*¹ Fifteen years later, they had come to respect it as a military machine capable of overrunning most of Europe and perhaps defeating the West.

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    The Castle was taken over from the Piast dukes by Czech monarchs to become - as a result of the Hussite wars - a hiding place of knights-robbers until King Władysław III of Poland (Władysław Jagiellończyk) became the overlord of Książ.

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    The gold-trimmed edgings in every room, the fantastic renaissance art, and the beautiful areas that all serve a different purpose, the impression of the castle will forever be left in your mind as you reminisce on your trip to Warsaw. Across from the Palace, you will see the statue of King Sigmund on Zamkowy castle square. One of the many kings ...

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    The magnificent Ksiaz Castle was built in the 13th century. The Castle became the private residence of the Hochberg familyin the 16th century. In the Second World War, the Nazis seized the Castle from the Hochberg family for failing to support their agenda. Most of the building’s original design had to give way to Nazis remodeling ideas. They started building an underground city made up of tunnels and chambers, about 50 meters below the Castle. This task was tagged as the secret Project Riese. The underground city encompasses the entire Owl’s Mountains. Unfortunately, the project wasn’t completed after the end of the war, making it hard to know the primary purpose for which the labyrinth of tunnels and bunkers were built. While some believed it was to serve as headquarter and permanent home for Adolf Hitler even after the war. Others believe the tunnels were to become a factory for making nuclear weapons. Today, you can explore the underground city not just in Castle Ksiaz but also...

    Castle Ksiaz attracts many tourists, reporters, and explorers from all over the world. It is a popular attraction, so expect to see lots of people. To avoid the crowd, visit the Castle early in the morning or at sunset. You’ll need at least 2 hours to explore the Castle and the gardens. Avoid queues and buy the tickets ahead of time online. Ksiaz Castle is open to the public all year round. However, the best time to visit is spring and summer as Poland’s weather is at its pleasantest at that time of the year.

    The Castle today is a true diamond in Lower Silesia. It is the third-largest Castle in Poland and considered by many as a perfect weekend getaway spot. Many people visit the Castle to admire its majestic architecture, underground tunnels (many of which remain unexplored), gardens, and terraces. You’ll learn about the rich history and tumultuous past of the Castle. The entrance to the castle grounds is impressively beautiful. The interior, most of it bare, tells you about the Castle’s magnificence and opulence in its glory days. The Maximilian Room, Summer Pavilion and the well-manicured gardens, built on the order of Maximilian Hochberg in the 18th century have been completely renovated. Rooms such as China Salon and Games Salon have also been lovingly restored. One of the rooms now serves as an antique store and another and exhibition room with lots of interesting works about the Castle’s history. Learn more about the Hochberg family and the tragic event that transpired within the...

    Ksiaz is just about 70km from Wroclaw, 156 kilometers from Gorlitz, 350 kilometers from Berlin, and 450 kilometers from Warsaw. The Castle can be reached by public transport services such as train, bus or car from Wroclaw. A 2-hour train ride from Wroclaw to Walbrzych will cost around 15 zloty. From the train station, take the number 8 or 12 bus to the castle. Alternatively you can hire a taxi. For exceptional comfort and convenience, opt for a car rental and drive the 70km road to the Castle. Interestingly, you can spend even the night in one of the hotels on the castle grounds. Accommodation options include Hotel Ksiaz and Hotel Przy Oslei Bramie, both with all the amenities to make for a comfortable stay. Ksiaz Castle is unarguably a beautiful place to visit for a full day or weekend if you’re in the region.

    If you’re planning on visiting Ksiaz Castle, you need to put some things into consideration. The Castle’s operating hours in winter is not the same as summer. The good thing is that the Castle is open to the public all season long.

    You can purchase your tickets and tours online and avoid the long lines. You can either choose to explore the Castle on your own or in the company of a knowledgeable guide. The recommended option is the guided tour, as it allows visitors to get a deeper understanding of the Castle itself. This way, you don’t get to miss out on all the essential sights within the complex and exciting stories that this Castle tends to hold. Guided tours takes anything from 1 hour 30 minutes up to 6 hours. Your seller will notify you of the best time to visit based on the personal information provided. Tickets Prices For Castle Tour (Individual) Normal: 39 Zloty Reduced: 29 Zloty Castle Website and Ticket Purchase Is there a Nazi train full of gold here? There’s only one way to find out. Plan your next trip to Poland and make sure you visit Ksiaz Castle. Ksiaz Castle is one of the most beautiful castles in Poland, and it should be high on your bucket list on your next trip to Poland. Don’t miss this in...

  7. Warsaw, Part I: Restoration | The Shallow Traveller › 2015/04/22

    Apr 22, 2015 · It looked nothing like the buildings around it, and led us to wonder about the purpose of its existence. The Palace of Culture and Science, a misfit of a building in the middle of Warsaw. Next up was the old town, we were very curious as to what it would look like after the total destruction of it after World War II.

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    Already in 1939, during the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany, Warsaw was announced a “fortress” by the German military command which allowed artillery and air force to attack objects of no military significance [7, p. 11]. Amongst many other buildings, the Royal Castle was partly destroyed (Figure 1).

  9. Jan 01, 2005 · Books on Google Play. A Cardboard Castle?: An Inside History of the Warsaw Pact, 1955-1991. Vojtech Mastny, Malcolm Byrne. Central European University Press, Jan 1, 2005 - Political Science - 726 pages. 0 Reviews. This is the first book to document, analyze, and interpret the history of the Warsaw Pact based on the archives of the alliance itself.

  10. Why Visit Warsaw Poland? 10 Reasons to Take the Polish ... › why-visit-warsaw-poland
    • One of the best places to learn about (not only) Polish History, especially: World War II (1939 – 1945) At the onset of the 20 century, Warsaw flourished.
    • Beautiful (and small) Old Town. No, I’m not comparing Warsaw’s Old Town to any other city. I know, it’s not fully original, since the city was bombed so badly that only about 15% of the buildings could be saved.
    • Warsaw is so Green! 30% of Warsaw is made up of greenery, with a total of 79 parks! What other capital has that? I found it hard to believe but it’s actually true :)
    • Food, Coffee & Bar Scene. Warsaw took me by surprise, when it came to food. I didn’t expect such a variety and a mix of both traditional and trendy flavors!
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