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    Yelanets was founded in the 1800s as Hnylyi Yelanets. In 1810, it was renamed Novomoskovsk, and in 1818 became a military settlement which belonged to Yelisavetgradsky Uyezd of Kherson Governorate. In 1828, Yelisavetgradsky Uyezd was merged with Olviopolsky Uyezd into Bobrinetsky Uyezd. In 1857, military settlements were abolished.

  2. Yelanets Raion - Wikipedia › wiki › Yelanets_Raion

    Yelanets Raion (Ukrainian: Єланецький район) was located in Mykolaiv Oblast of Ukraine. Its administrative center was the urban-type settlement of Yelanets . The raion was abolished on 18 July 2020 as part of the administrative reform of Ukraine, which reduced the number of raions of Mykolaiv Oblast to four.

    • 1,017 km² (393 sq mi)
    • 1926
    • +380 5159
    • Ukraine
  3. Yelanets Steppe Nature Reserve - Wikipedia › wiki › Yelanets_steppe_Nature_Reserve
    • Overview
    • Topography
    • Climate and ecoregion
    • Flora and fauna
    • Public use

    Yelanets Steppe Nature Reserve is a protected nature reserve of Ukraine that covers a section of the largest virgin steppe tract in the Northern Black Sea Coast area. It is the only steppe reserve in Right-bank Ukraine. A herd of American bison was introduced and lives within the territory. The reserve is in Mykolaiv Oblast.

    The reserve is situated on a southern spur of the Dnieper Upland, about 140 km west of the Dnieper River, and 100 km north of the Black Sea coast. The site began with the set-aside of a 300 hectare plot in 1978; it has been periodically added to over the years to total 1,675 ha in 2019. A 1.2 km ecological corridor runs through the middle of the site. The hilly terrain, with cliffs in places, is due to the karst underlying the area.

    The official climate designation for the Yelanets Steppe area is "Humid continental climate – warm summer sub-type", with large seasonal temperature differentials and a warm summer (at least four months averaging over 10 °C (50 °F), but no month averaging over 22 °C (72 °F). The average temperature in January is −4.5 °C (23.9 °F) and 21 °C (70 °F) in July. Average annual precipitation is 428 mm.

    The characteristic vegetation of this type of steppe is Festuca valesiaca. About one-third of the site is recovered agricultural land that is being returned to native local steppe. 615 species of vascular plants have been listed on the reserve. Scientists working in the reserve have recorded 28 species of mammals including red fox, American bison and roe deer, wild boar, and Bobak marmot, 137 of birds, 6 of reptiles, and 5 species of amphibians. During 1970s, cattles, Turkmenian kulan, spotted d

    As a strict nature reserve, Yelanets Steppe 's primary purpose is protection of nature and scientific study. Public access is limited: mass recreation and construction of facilities is prohibited as are hunting and fishing. Park staff lead educational programs for local schoolchildren, and general ecological awareness programs for community. In the 1970 the site featured a 70-hectare "living zoo" enclosure that has since been removed and the animals relocated.

  4. Yelanets Raion - Wikipedia › wiki › Yelanets_Raion

    Yelanets Raion (Ukrainian: Єланецький район) is locatit in the Mykolaiv Oblast o Ukraine. Its admeenistrative centre is the toun o Yelanets . Freemit airtins [ eedit | eedit soorce ]

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    Yelanets (ukraince Єланець) - Ukrainanıñ Mıkolayiv vilâyetinde bir şeer şeklinde qasaba. Yelanets rayonınıñ merkezi. Ealisiniñ sayısı 4 969 kişi (2011 senesi).

  6. Yelanets (huyện) – Wikipedia tiếng Việt › wiki › Yelanets_(huyện)

    Huyện Yelanets (tiếng Ukraina: Єланецький район, chuyển tự: Yelanetss’kyi raion) là một huyện của tỉnh Mykolaiv thuộc Ukraina.Huyện Yelanets có diện tích 1018 kilômét vuông, dân số theo điều tra dân số ngày 5 tháng 12 năm 2001 là 18411 người với mật độ 18 người/km2.

    • 1.018 km² (393 mi²)
    • Yelanets
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  8. Gniloy Yelanets - Wikipedia › wiki › Gniloy_Yelanets

    Suba ang Gniloy Yelanets sa Okraniya. Nahimutang ni sa sentro nga bahin sa nasod, 400 km sa habagatan sa Kiev ang ulohan sa nasod. Ang Gniloy Yelanets mao ang bahin sa tubig-saluran sa Pivdennyy Buh, ug usa ka sanga sa Pivdennyy Buh.

  9. Yelanets Koān – Wikipedia › wiki › Yelanets_Koān

    Yelanets Koān (Ukraina-gí: Єланецький район) sī Ukraina Mykolaiv Chiu ê chi̍t ê koān . Chham-oa̍t [siu-kái | kái goân-sí-bé] Ukraina ê koān; Chham-khó [siu-kái | kái goân-sí-bé] ↑

    • 1,017 km²
    • Ukraina
  10. List of cosmonauts - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_cosmonauts

    This is a list of cosmonauts who have taken part in the missions of the Soviet space program and the Russian Federal Space Agency, including ethnic Russians and people of other ethnicities.

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