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  1. Coronavirus - Wikipedia

    Etymology. The name "coronavirus" is derived from Latin corona, meaning "crown" or "wreath", itself a borrowing from Greek κορώνη korṓnē, "garland, wreath". The name was coined by June Almeida and David Tyrrell who first observed and studied human coronaviruses.

  2. Jun 29, 2018 · 英字新聞社ジャパンタイムズによるバイリンガル週刊紙、The Japan Times STのオンラインサイトです。さまざまな国籍のライターが週替わりで執筆するエッセーを注釈付きで掲載。

  3. 台湾語 - Wikipedia台湾語

    Tân, K. T. A Chinese-English Dictionary: Taiwan Dialect. Taipei: Southern Materials Center. 1978. Maryknoll Language Service Center. English-Amoy Dictionary. Taichung, Taiwan: Maryknoll Fathers. 1979. Tiuⁿ Jū-hông, Principles of Pe̍h-oē-jī or the Taiwanese Orthography: an introduction to its sound-symbol correspondences and related ...

  4. Hidamari Sketch - Wikipedia

    Hidamari Apartments Yuno (ゆの) Voiced by: Kana Asumi Yuno, sometimes called "Yunocchi" by Miyako, is the main character in the story and it is mainly through her viewpoint that the story is told, each episode of the anime usually ends with her pondering her feelings about what has gone on during the day, while taking a bath with her rubber duck.

  5. rhb's warehouse: English Online Dictionaries and References

    Free English Lessons Online - Exercises, Quizzes, Games and Worksheets for English Learners English Grammar Online - free exercises, explanations, vocabulary, dictionary and teaching materials Dave's ESL Cafe English as 2nd Language - Learn English Kenneth's Blog | Learn English at EnglishCafe English Teacher Melanie

  6. Middle English language | Britannica

    The history of Middle English is often divided into three periods: (1) Early Middle English, from about 1100 to about 1250, during which the Old English system of writing was still in use; (2) the Central Middle English period from about 1250 to about 1400, which was marked by the gradual formation of literary dialects, the use of an orthography greatly influenced by the Anglo-Norman writing ...

  7. PERSON | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    person definition: 1. a man, woman, or child: 2. used when describing someone's character: 3. If you do something or…. Learn more.

  8. Founded in 1883 by teachers and scholars, the Modern Language Association (MLA) promotes the study and teaching of language and literature.

  9. Pepper is the world’s first social humanoid robot able to recognize faces and basic human emotions. Pepper was optimized for human interaction and is able to engage with people through conversation and his touch screen.

  10. Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) - Assessments, Tests | Mind ...

    These translations are available free of charge with your purchase of the license. Each PDF file contains the English forms and the translated forms on separate pages. To order, select your language from the Translation drop-down list on the product page. Need multiple translations? Contact us. Arabic - HSS, ES Forms only

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