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    Nordic Noir ist ein Literatur-und Filmgenre, welches Kriminalliteratur, -filme und -fernsehserien aus den nordischen, insbesondere skandinavischen Ländern umfasst. Oft synonym verwendete Begriffe sind Skandinavienkrimi, Nordic Crime, Nordic Killing, Scandinavian Noir, Scandic Noir und Scandi Noir.

  2. Genesis NoirWikipedia › wiki › Genesis_Noir

    Genesis Noir ist ein Adventurespiel, das vom US-amerikanischen Studio Feral Cat Den entwickelt wurde. Das Spiel folgt der Hauptfigur, No Man, wie er verschiedene Teile des Universums besucht, während er versucht, seine Liebe zu retten.

  3. April | 2014 | FILM NOIR › 2014 › 04

    1 post published by skohan during April 2014. Sense of Claustrophobia – The opening scene of the film guides us through a loudly pulsating print shop, showing surfaces cluttered with rattling equipment and finally taking us around a corner to reveal Hofmeister (Karl Meixner) hiding desperately.

  4. FILM NOIR RESEARCH | emilyknightmedia › 2014/10/07 › film

    Oct 07, 2014 · Film Noir is a cinematic term used to describe stylish Hollywood crime dramas. Film Noir was first found by French film critics, the most important one being Nino Frank in 1946. He noticed the trend of how dark, downbeat and black the looks and themes were of many American crime and detective films released in France to theaters following the ...

  5. Alois Nebel: astonishing animated film noir | MurderMayhem&More › 2014/04/02

    Apr 02, 2014 · It is perhaps the perfect film noir; well, it certainly takes stark monochrome to new levels. The plot seems fairly straightforward – a tale of revenge and redemption in Eastern Europe, set when the Iron Curtain was collapsing in the late 1980s with echoes back to the Nazi atrocities of the war.

  6. Double Indemnity and Film Noir | Danny Burrow › 2014/03/28 › double

    Mar 28, 2014 · Double Indemnity is widely viewed as on of the first proper Film Noir Picture that was ever made. It is based on an insurance salesman named Walter Neff, who is tempted into murdering an innocent man he does not know by money and a woman; neither of which he ends up with.

  7. April | 2014 | Film Noir › 2014 › 04

    The usages of newspapers is obviously a huge aspect of film noir, but the way that it is used in The Testament of Dr. Mabuse (Fritz Lang, 1933, Germany) to break the wall between Dr. Mabuse (Rudolf Klien-Rogge) and Dr. Baum (Oscar Beregi Sr.) Hiding the sound of the gun shot with the sounds of car honking their horns It is just so smart.

  8. June | 2014 | Film Noir A2 Media › 2014 › 06

    4 posts published by germain231 during June 2014. ” title=”Films in order – Slideshare”> Here are some top 10 Noir Films which I have researched and with this I have included the Date and Directors.

  9. Film Noir | The Tiger Contrarian › 2014/10/07 › film-noir

    Oct 07, 2014 · Film Noir. From early 1940’s to late 1950’s. Emphasise on cynical attitudes and sexual motives. Is usually a low key black and white. In French Film Noir means “black film”. Often use voice-overs. They are quite scary and gloomy. Usually the piece of film is set in urban areas.

  10. Film Noir: 2014 › 2014

    Short Film Noir Example: Number 2. Apr. 11. Evaluation Question 1. Posted 11th April 2014 by KelseyDuffyAS. 0 Add a comment Loading ...

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