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    漫威影业:宇宙扩展》 纪录片/短片: 漫威影业: 2020年11月12日 () 12分钟 One Day at Disney 《 在迪士尼的一天 ( 英语 : One Day at Disney (film) ) 》 纪录片: 迪士尼国际出版社: 2020年12月3日 () 1小时1分钟 Dolphin Reef 《 海豚礁 ( 英语 : Dolphin Reef (film) ) 》 自然纪录片

  2. Debunked Myths about the Bubonic Plague - The Plainspoken ... › sciencecommunication › 2020/07/21

    Jul 21, 2020 · The Black Death, believed to have been caused by infection with the bacterium Yersinia pestis, killed about 100 million people worldwide in the fourteenth century. However, there is still much that is unknown about this deadly disease, also known as the bubonic plague, and there are still myths about it that continue to be spread. Even though it wiped out a decent portion of Europe all those ...

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    A location has no part to play in changing the electrical activity in the storm itself, so once it recharges it may strike a place more than once. Given enough time (whether 10 minutes or a million years), the theory states that it is “inevitable” that a single spot will be hit repeatedly. On June 14 of 2005, The WVAH TV tower in St. Albans, West Virginia was hit by lightning 50 times. To cite another example, Chicago’s three tallest skyscrapers were struck by lightning 17 times on the 30th of June, 2014. The Sears Tower took 10 hits while the Trump Tower and the John Hancock Center were hit 8 and 4 times respectively.(source)

    Chameleons are already pros at camouflaging themselves; evolution took care of that. This colour-changing phenomenon is actually triggered by physical, physiological and emotional changes in the animal, including the stimuli that it receives from the environment (like light and temperature). By changing its colour a chameleon can also signal its state of mind to other chameleons, serving as a way of visual inter-personal communication.(source)

    The story surfaced in the 1800s (when explorers began to push boundaries) and gained popularity steadily, but is entirely untrue. Contrary to what the myth will have you believe, Columbus did not fear his ships would fall off the edge of the earth. There were much more serious logistics to consider, given the dangers of marine travel back then. For example, a more realistic concern was that they could run out of supplies (consequently the entire crew could perish) if their destination was much farther than they had calculated.(source)

    Research reveals that the tongue contains 50-100 receptors for each taste, distributed more or less in a random manner, which completely negates the logic of this myth.(source)

    Unless your vision is three times sharper than a falcon’s. Scientists explain that looking at the Wall even from a distance of 100 miles (160 kilometers) would be like looking at a 2-centimeter wide cable from half a kilometer (> a third of a mile) away. The origin of this myth goes as far back as 1932 to an episode of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, and was intended more as show-bait than actual science.(source)

    Technically, you aren’t even “cracking” your knuckles; you’re actually “bursting” the air bubbles trapped between the joints. Research has shown time and again that there is no correlation between cracking your knuckles and developing arthritis. Dr Donald L. Unger, an allergist, tested this theory by cracking his knuckles at least twice a day for 60 years and published his findings in a 1998 paper. The verdict? Not the slightest sign of arthritis.(1,2)

    The two sides of the brain always work together. The idea that the left side is “logical” and the right side is “creative” is severely flawed, primarily because the functions of the brain were mischaracterized in the original experiments. Latest research shows that people do not have a “dominant” hemisphere, and engage areas on both sides of their brains while thinking and performing tasks of any nature.(source)

    The ripple patterns seen inside some glass items are largely attributed to the way they are manufactured, not because glass itself is a liquid that moves slowly over time.(source)

    Studies show that reading in the dark does not inevitably cause long-term damage to the eyes, although it may end up straining them. What was conclusive, however, is that exposure to daylight and engaging in outdoor activities has a significantly more positive effect on the eyes. In other words, it’s not bad per se, but there are better ways to treat your eyes.(source)

    Neither does it stick to your insides, as yet another one states. Like everything else, the digestive system breaks the gum down, uses what it can and discards the rest – all within a day or two. However, there are situations where chewing gum can be potentially hazardous, such as in cases where one suffers from digestive disorders.(source)

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  3. 维基百科,自由的百科全书 - › zh-hans › 星際大戰電影列表

    Sep 17, 2020 · 2019年9月25日,报道称漫威电影宇宙监制凯文·费吉计划联合凯斯琳·甘迺迪开发一部星际大战电影 。 2020年2月21日,《 综艺 》杂志报道称由《 灵心妙手 ( 英语 : Sleight ) 》导演J·D·迪拉德( J. D. Dillard )和《 卢克·凯奇 》编剧麦特·欧文斯( Matt Owens )主导 ...

  4. 华特迪士尼影片 - Wikiwand › zh-hans › 华特迪士尼影片

    华特迪士尼影片(Walt Disney Pictures), 2011年后简称为迪士尼影片(Disney)是华特迪士尼公司的最重要的电影发行品牌。在此品牌下,迪士尼发行了许多优秀的动画片与真人片。动画片当中,截至目前,由迪士尼动画片场(Walt Disney Feature Animation)制作了59部经典动画长片。

  5. DC扩展宇宙 - 维基百科,自由的 ... - › zh-hans › DC擴展宇宙

    Apr 27, 2021 · 尽管漫威电影宇宙包括电视剧,dc扩展宇宙却将之排除其外。 含有DC漫画的角色及情节的连贯电视剧统称为“ 绿箭宇宙 ” [29] 。 杰夫·强斯 表示,该电影宇宙将不会和电视剧连动,以确保双方能创作出最佳的故事 [30] 。

  6. Pizzagate conspiracy theory - Wikipedia › wiki › Pizzagate_conspiracy_theory

    Proponents of Pizzagate connected Comet Ping Pong (pictured) to a fictitious child sex ring "Pizzagate" is a debunked conspiracy theory that went viral during the 2016 United States presidential election cycle. It has been extensively discredited by a wide range of organizations, including the Washington, D.C. police. In March 2016, the personal email account of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton's ...

  7. QAnon - Wikipedia › wiki › Qanon

    QAnon (/ ˌ k j uː ə ˈ n ɒ n /), or simply Q, is a discredited American far-right conspiracy theory alleging that a cabal of Satan-worshipping, cannibalistic pedophiles run a global child sex-trafficking ring and plotted against former U.S. president Donald Trump while he was in office.

  8. Snopes - Wikipedia › wiki › Snopes

    History. In 1994, David and Barbara Mikkelson created an urban folklore web site that would become Snopes was an early online encyclopedia focused on urban legends, that mainly presented search results of user discussions. The site grew to encompass a wide range of subjects and became a resource to which Internet users began ...

  9. Sumerian creation myth - Wikipedia › wiki › Sumerian_creation_myth

    The earliest record of a Sumerian creation myth, called The Eridu Genesis by historian Thorkild Jacobsen, is found on a single fragmentary tablet excavated in Nippur by the Expedition of the University of Pennsylvania in 1893, and first recognized by Arno Poebel in 1912.

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