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    紀元前40年: 転がり軸受(ローマ帝国) - 船で使用; 紀元前21年: 閉じることができる傘: 王莽; 傷口の焼灼、膣鏡、手術用針 、はさみ (古代ローマ) カタパルト(古代オリエント) 指南車(中国) 差動歯車(中国およびギリシアのアンティキティラ島)

  2. スペースシャワーTV歴代POWER PUSH一覧とは - goo Wikipedia...スペースシャワーTV...

    オスマン帝国がヨーロッパ諸王の連合軍を破る(1396年) バスコ・ヌーニェス・デ・バルボアがパナマ地峡を超えヨーロッパ人としてはじめて太平洋を発見(1513年) アウクスブルクの和議が成立。神聖ローマ帝国がルター派を容認(1555年)

  3. List of Code Geass characters - Wikipedia

    These are characters present only in the spin-off media, such as the Nightmare of Nunnally manga and the video games. Video game characters Castor rui Britannia. Castor rui Britannia is a character exclusive to the Nintendo DS video game and a member of the Britannian Imperial Family. His twin brother is Pollux rui Britannia.

  4. Playable Saber (Fate/EXTRA) | TYPE-MOON Wiki | Fandom
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    Saber's True Name is Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (ネロ・クラウディウス・カエサル・アウグストゥス・ゲルマニクス, Nero Kuraudiusu Kaesaru Augusutusu Gerumanikusu?), the Fifth Roman Emperor. She had the reputation of a notorious tyrant whose rule was made up of schemes and poison as she oppressed all religious forces, especially Christians, and the Roman Senate during the period from 50 to 60 AD. It is believed in one theory that the Book of Revelation was written as a reaction against said oppression. She was r...


    Saber is a blond-haired young girl of short but curvy stature with pale skin, yellow-ish blond hair with intake and bright lime green eyes. She dresses in a revealing red and white dress with long poofy sleeves, a transparent front, leotard, and knee high golden armored boots. Saber normally ties her long, flowing hair into a complex bun. She has a great resemblance to another Saber, King Arthur, though there is no blood relationship between them. King Arthur was said to be a fusion between t...


    Saber has a haughtiness that seems to more than compensate for her short stature, overlapping much with the personality of Gilgamesh.She refrains from asking how privileged Hakuno feels by summoning her, and grants them the honor of being her Master. She feels that, as her Master, they can be allowed to act as her equal without having to use honorifics. Often when given the choice to answer to her, only a single affirmative choice is offered rather than allowing for a negative response. She b...

    Saber by a Hair's Breadth

    Saber by a Hair's Breadth (セイバー危機一髪, Seibā Kiki Ippatsu?) is a promotional flash game set during Saber's life. Wishing to take a bath after working up a sweat, she has an unnamed Roman soldier heat it for her. While he initially gets it right, he quickly breaks the oven and overheats it, causing him to run in after hearing her shouting and see her in the bath. She doesn't have any issues with him viewing her, and instead, asking if she fascinates him, comments that he must have a heart that a...


    Saber is one of the selectable Servants in Fate/EXTRA along with Archer and Caster. However, in the first place, there isn’t a Master to be found who would summon her. Her true name corresponds to great evil in a certain religion, and the end of her life was a miserable one. Just as much as she is an emperor, she is also an artist with unshakable faith in her own genius, and the only absolute justice to her is “beauty.” Whether ally, enemy, her citizens, or herself, she will not love anything...

    Medical Play and Saber

    Medical Play and Saber (セイバーとおいしゃさんごっこ, Seibā to Oishasangokko?) is a promotional flash game for Fate/EXTRA CCC. Hakuno helps Saber while she is sick, first checking that her temperature is at 39 °C. She remarks on having had no appetite, though Hakuno offers to feed her rice porridge to her joy. Eating proves to make her feel better, but she is drenched in sweat. Having not had a bath recently, Hakuno wipes down her body until she feels better. Before she can take the time to fully rest and...

    Normally she would not be qualified for the Saber class with her parameters, however she took care of that part somehow thanks to her Imperial Privilegeskill and she would be more suitable as a commander-type Servant. She wields a scarlet long sword called Aestus Estus: The Original Flame (原初の火アエストゥス エストゥス, Gensho no HiAesutusu Esutusu?, localized as "Aestus Estus: The Embryonic Flame"). It is a hand-crafted crimson sword, made from meteor metal, brought with her when summoned under the Saber Class by a Master. It has the following inscription carved on it: regnum caelorum et gehenna (the kingdom of heaven and hell). She feels it is the ultimate instrument, and that muses would bow before the sound it makes. While she is a skilled charioteer that "rivals the solar deity Sol", she feels that she would not be suitable for the Riderclass because of her general dislike for them. Even before becoming a Heroic Spirit, she had the skill and strength to grapple a lion and asphyxiate it with...


    Self-proclaimed, all-rounded genius. A cross-dressing beauty of the Saber-class (so she regards herself as) but this time, she has chosen to reveal herself as a beautiful lady, boldly enjoying the summer sea. She loves herself very much, but also adores the people around her. These are the majestic values of the Fifth Emperor of the Roman Empire, which are a result of her combined narcissism and philanthropy. Applying the teachings from Simon Magusto the fullest degree, Emperor Nero has compl...

    Creation and Conception

    Saber was given a personality similar to Nasu's original idea of Iskandar. Nasu enjoyed Gen Urobuchi's rendition of the character, so Saber may have been born out of his drive to surpass him and create a different tyrant from Iskandar. She was made to look like Saberbecause they wanted to trick people into thinking they were the same character and surprise them upon actually playing the game. Nasu wrote her scenario in Fate/Grand Order.


    1. In the Type-Moon's 10th Anniversary Character Poll, Saber was ranked 14th and the ninth most popular female character.

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  7. 信長の野望 創造 pk 攻略 戦国伝. Sony z5 compact. 武士の心得? -ずっと以前に武士が走ることが - 教えて!goo. 「お誕生日のうた」新着うた無料ダウンロード. 納豆マニアが厳選。スーパーで買えるおいしい納豆12選.

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    Easytech is a war strategy mobile games publisher known for games such as World Conqueror,European War,Great Conqueror:Rome and Glory of Generals.

  9. 楽天edyから楽天スーパーポイントに交換 方法. チーズの種類別♩簡単こってり濃厚な「チーズパスタ」の. 超音波と電磁波と放射線とレントゲン波他 - 楽天ブロ.

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