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  1. A merger is a process by which the content of two pages are united on one page for one or more of the following reasons: Unnecessary duplication of content. Significant overlap with the topic of another page. Minimal content that could be covered in or requires the context of a page on a broader topic.

  2. WikiProject is Open Source - Free Software project. All the technologies used in Wikiproject's - WikiBrowse is open for public. So any one can extend features of WikiBrowse, design plugins for it and support for improve additional options. ( such as documentation, extending home page, etc. )

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  4. Jul 08, 2020 · The best encyclopedia pages have useful, well-written information. Use the pages to learn and teach. These pages can help people learn English. You can also use them to make a new Wikipedia to help other people. Simple does not mean short. Writing in Simple English means that simple words are used.

  5. GRID-Arendal is a centre collaborating with the United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment), located in Arendal, Norway.The centre was established in 1989 by the Norwegian Government as a non-profit foundation to support the United Nations in the field of environmental information management and assessment, capacity-building and communications and outreach.

  6. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the fulfillment of all of the sacrifices of the Old Covenant. In the New Covenant, the onesacrifice on the altar of Calvary is revisited during each and every Catholic Mass. Jesus Christ merited all graces and blessings for us by His death on the Cross.

  7. The main use of the term 'presenter' is on television, where the presenter introduces other speakers, and introduces program sections. The role is similar to narrator, who talks over visuals or plays a main role in the program. A presenter does not have to be an expert on the content of the program, but a narrator or commentatior is often an ...

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