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  1. Bluetooth - Wikipedia

    Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard used for exchanging data between fixed and mobile devices over short distances using UHF radio waves in the industrial, scientific and medical radio bands, from 2.402 GHz to 2.480 GHz, and building personal area networks (PANs).

  2. Midwestern United States - Wikipedia

    The midwestern United States, often referred to simply as the Midwest, is one of four census regions of the United States Census Bureau (also known as "Region 2"). It occupies the northern central part of the United States.

  3. 뉴욕의 휘발유 소비량은 1920년대 미국 평균과 같은 수준이다. 온실 가스 배출량은 미국 평균이 1인당 24.5톤인 반면, 뉴욕은 1인당 7.1톤이다. 또한, 뉴욕 시민이 미국 인구의 2.7%를 차지하는 한편, 미국 전체 온실 가스 배출량에서 차지하는 비율은 1%이다.

  4. American - Wiktionary

    Feb 05, 2021 · Every American's origin is, historically speaking, by immigration, if scientific speculation that points to a human origin in Africa and a migration to the New World from Eurasia turns out to be correct. (uncountable, US printing, rare, dated) A size of type smaller than German, 1-point type. Synonyms

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  6. 美 - Wiktionary美
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    Han character

    美 (radical 123, 羊+3, 9 strokes, cangjie input 廿土大 (TGK), four-corner 80431, composition ⿱𦍌大)

    Glyph origin

    Pictogram (象形): 羊 (“goat, sheep or feathers”) + 大 (“big”) – a person with a headdress of feathers or ram's horn; sometimes considered as an ideogrammic compound (會意).


    From Proto-Sino-Tibetan *mway (“beautiful, well, perfectly”)(STEDT). According to Schuessler (2007), cognate with Mizo mawi (“beautiful, lovely”), Jingpho moi (“perfectly, beautifully”) as well as Karbi me- (“be good”) and Jingpho cha mai (“good”); the former two items from *moy "beautiful" and the latter from *may "good, well", which were two roots reconstructed separately by Benedict (1972).


    美 1. beautiful; pretty; attractive; good-looking 1.1. 美人 ― měirén― beautiful woman 2. delicious; tasty; flavoursome 2.1. 美食 ― měishí― culinary delicacy 3. good; fine; satisfactory; happy 4. to beautify; to prettify 4.1. 美容 ― měiróng ― to improve one's appearance 5. to praise; to commend 6. (colloquial) to be pleased with oneself 6.1. 6.1.1. Tā bù jiù shi dé le ge yī bǎi fēnr ma? Kàn bǎ tā měi de! [Pinyin] 6.1.2. (please add an English translation of this example) 7. beautiful things; beauty 8...


    美 (eumhun 아름다울 미 (areumdaul mi)) 1. Hanja form? of 미 (“beautiful; the USA, the Americas (in compounds, in news media)”).

    Han character

    美: Hán Việt readings: mỹ, mĩ 美: Nôm readings: mẻ, mẹ, mỹ, mẽ, mỉa, mở, mỉ, mĩ 1. Hán tự form of mĩ/mỹ (“beautiful; pretty; good”).

  7. Western United States - Wikipedia

    The U.S. Census Bureau's definition of the 13 westernmost states includes the Rocky Mountains and the Great Basin to the Pacific Coast, and the mid-Pacific islands state, Hawaii. To the east of the Western United States is the Midwestern United States and the Southern United States , with Canada to the north, and Mexico to the south.

  8. Gook - Wikipedia

    Historical use. U.S. occupation troops in South Korea after World War II called the Koreans "gooks". After the return of U.S. troops to the Korean Peninsula, so prevalent was the use of the word gook during the first months of the Korean War that U.S. General Douglas MacArthur banned its use, for fear that Asians would become alienated to the United Nations Command because of the insult.

  9. 공용:지역별 저작권 법규/미국 - Wikimedia Commons

    미국 정부의 저작물. 미국 "연방"정부의 저작물은 퍼블릭 도메인입니다. 이 규정은 미국 내에서 확실하게 유효합니다. 그러나 다른 곳에서는 적용되지 않을 수 있습니다. cendi 저작권 자주 묻는 질문 목록 3.1.7과 미국 정부의 설명문, 그리고 이 토론을 참조해주세요.

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