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  1. Myths and the Formation of Niue Island, ... Wikipedia®는 미국 및 다른 국가에 등록되어 있는 Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. 소유의 등록 상표입니다.

  2. 뉴욕의 휘발유 소비량은 1920년대 미국 평균과 같은 수준이다. 온실 가스 배출량은 미국 평균이 1인당 24.5톤인 반면, 뉴욕은 1인당 7.1톤이다. 또한, 뉴욕 시민이 미국 인구의 2.7%를 차지하는 한편, 미국 전체 온실 가스 배출량에서 차지하는 비율은 1%이다.

  3. England - Wikipedia

    England Flag Royal Arms Anthem: Various proposed Predominantly ‘ God Save the Queen ’ (National anthem of the United Kingdom) Location of England (dark green) – in Europe (green & dark grey) – in the United Kingdom (green) Status Country Capital and largest city London National language English Regional languages Cornish Ethnic groups (2011) 79.8% White British 4.6% White Other 2.6% ...

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  4. 라그나로크(고대 노르드어: Ragnarǫk)는 노르드의 말세 신화이다. 정확히 말하자면 라그나로크란 미래에 일어날 것이라고 예언되는 일련의 사건들로, 거대한 전쟁이 일어나 신화의 주요 등장인물 대부분이 사망하고, 다종다양한 자연재해가 닥치며, 최종적으로 세계가 물에 잠겨 멸망한다.

  5. Wikipedia®는 미국 및 다른 국가에 등록되어 있는 Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. 소유의 등록 상표입니다. 개인정보처리방침 위키백과 소개

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    Agate - physical properties and origin, archaeology and folk-lore (1927) (17752087028).jpg 1,372 × 2,080; 464 KB Agrupación Folclórica Hueyel de Rancagua.png 1,181 × 1,181; 1.05 MB Aji Lamu Folk Dance of Arunachal Pradesh.jpg 800 × 534; 375 KB

  7. Taekkyeon - Wikipedia

    Taekkyon myths and facts. There is a common modern myth about Taekkyon being depicted as a kicking game as well as an "ancient version of Taekwondo" in the public eye. This is mainly due to the spread of Taekwondo as the national martial sport of Korea after the Korean War.

  8. Economy of the United States - Wikipedia

    Half of the world's 20 largest semiconductor manufacturers by sales were American-origin in 2011. Most of the world's largest charitable foundations were founded by Americans. American producers create nearly all of the world's highest-grossing films. Many of the world's best-selling music artists are based in the United States.

  9. Indigenous peoples of the Americas - Wikipedia

    origin from South Siberia (DNA studies reported in 2012 indicate the area of Altai Republic, with a separation of populations 20,000-25,000 years ago) widespread habitation of the Americas during the end of the last glacial period , or more specifically what is known as the Late Glacial Maximum , around 16,000–13,000 years before present.

  10. American Ninja Warrior - Wikipedia

    American Ninja Warrior (sometimes abbreviated as ANW) is an American sports entertainment competition based on the Japanese television series Sasuke.It features hundreds of competitors attempting to complete series of obstacle courses of increasing difficulty in various cities across the United States, in hopes of advancing to the national finals on the Las Vegas Strip and becoming the season ...

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